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May 13, 2006 05:39 PM

Where to get the best Montreal bagels

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I'm going to be in Montreal this weekend. Where's the best place to get Montreal style bagels?

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  1. There are two places that you could say "compete to be the best" These are St Viateur Bagels and Fairmount Bagels. Fortunately they are within walking distance of eachother, so you can go to both no problem, which is what I always do, since I have yet to choose a fave.

    Both are open 24/7 (St Viateur also has some locations on Mont Royal if you don't feel like trekking it out to the flagship location
    ) (My fave thing from here is their pretzel, or their "Mr. Schwartz's secret recipe" Bagelwich)

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      Thanks for the information beccaroo! Just tried out the ones from St. Viateur this weekend. The sesame seed ones with a bit of cream cheese and some smoked salmon....yum!!

      1. re: beccaroo

        my preference is fairmount - they are slightly crispier on the outside

        if you choose st viateur, be sure to ask for hot bagels so you can experience them in their glory state

      2. I always thought Fairmount bagels are only good within 5-6 hours after being bought fresh. After that, they start getting rubbery.

        Personally, I prefer REAL bagels, from the Cote-st-luc store (not the west island, huge difference).

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        1. re: Fabulous1977

          do you prefer REAL bagel because you live near it or because it is actually better?

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            I live in Laval. So the store is not that close to me. In my personal opinion, I do find them better than fairmount or st viateur. Not that these are bad, i just find they have a short fresh shelf life.