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Aug 21, 2014 03:34 PM

Foodie Dinner in Dallas

Flying in with a buddy for 49ers/Dallas game. We are planning a steakhouse for Saturday night (thinking Knife), but Friday is open. I'd prefer something experimental/interesting without being romantic, think Publican (Chicago), Animal (LA), State Bird, Rich Table (SF), Bacchanalia (Atlanta) sort of style. Tasting menus/prix fixe is okay. Price isn't primary concern but no higher than $100-125pp. Also, since we need a Friday table 9.5, someplace we can get in to with 2 weeks notice.

Please help me out, hounds!

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  1. Knife would be great for Saturday night. Although, another great steakhouse for Saturday night would be Nick & Sam's Steakhouse.

    For Friday night, I'd recommend FT-33.

    Have fun. Go, Cowboys!

    1. FT33 is going to be our closest restaurant in the style of the ones mentioned.

      You can try to get a real early seating at the bar at Lucia. I would go for the charcuterie, apps and primi/pasta dishes.

      If you call ahead you could probably throw together something at Driftwood, Mesa, Bolsa, Boulevardier or Stock and Barrel. Basically ask for an off menu tasting. Most restaurants are seasonal so if you want to go the regular menu it is always changing at the mentioned restaurants.

      Lucia, Driftwood, Mesa, Bolsa, Boulevardier and Stock and Barrel are all located in Oak Cliff.

      Another option might be Casa Rubia which is just due west of downtown Dallas

      If you want to save up for the drinks and food at the game you can always go for Los Torres Taqueria. Cheap but awesome regional Mexican. Go for the tacos ahogados (ask for the special salsa), barbacoa roja, birria and horchata.

      1. Do you care about ambiance or neighborhood? Are you looking to go out drinking after? Want to eat at an old stodgy steakhouse or a new one? There are no shortage of high end steak houses in Dallas (and in my opinion steakhouses are generally fairly interchangeable) so those other considerations can be the deciding factor. If you're trying to go out after for a friday night, depending on the scene you like we can find a steakhouse that'll put you in the right place.

        1. Has to be between Bolsa and Boulevardier. Both look incredible. Kind of bummed out that FT33 doesn't do their chefs tasting menu on the weekends. We might try to get into Lucia and then have one of these as a backup, or go to Lucia for charcuterie and then hit up one of these spots later in the evening.

          My thanks to all who responded.

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            I have never been very even vaguely excited by Bolsa's food (although cocktails are great). Boulevardier has both good food and cocktails. But, having said that, I think it would be a mistake to choose either of those over FT33 or Lucia.

            depending on how busy they are, FT33 will put together a tasting menu on the weekends - 5 courses of smaller portions of items from the regular menu. Yes, the weekday chef's tasting is incredible - but if you've never eaten there before, I don't think you'll be at all disappointed by the regular menu items.

            With regard to Lucia, my approach is to generally stick with appetizers and small portions of the primi (pastas, risottos, etc). The secondi can be very good, but I find that they occasionally become a bit monotonous. I'm overstating this a bit - they are delicious - but still find the smaller portions more engaging.

          2. Thank you for all that recommended FT33. It was great. Everything we ordered was great - some kind of thing we ordered with grains and kale juice (checking out the menu it was this - sprouted grains, olives, kale, caprino royale manchego, crispy chicken skin :::14), and that was both of our favorites. For entrees, I had the pork short rib and he had the chicken; both were excellent.

            I also really loved beer selection of Meddlesome Moth across the street. Lucia was great - we did end up eating there and blowing off our reservations at Knife. True to the advice here, the starters were the best part of our meal, especially the fois gras stuffed dates and charcuterie.

            Also, really liked the Bowlounge where we went to watch some college football Saturday afternoon. Great tacos and super diverse draft beer selection.