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Aug 21, 2014 02:35 PM

Good Vietnamese?

I was once told the best was in Arlington or Georgetown but I don't remember the name of the recommendation. So I am looking for a new suggestion for when I visit later this month. Looking for good Seafood or Shrimp Pho. Is there any with shrimp balls? Had that in Hong Kong and Vietnam and loved it. Also like the traditional paper rolls with shrimp and the beef/pork balls. BTW, I'll be staying one night in Alexandria but visiting family in Adams Mill too. TIA!

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  1. I don't know if there is any shrimp pho at all, and in general the seafood here can't possibly compare to your memories.

    If you are open to other suggestions, then in general Eden Center restaurants Rice Papar, Huong Viet, and Hai Duong have good food across the board. inside the Saigon East corridor, one of my favorite meals is at Bay Lo, wit their Bay Lo 7 Special (a aversion of bun cha hanoi), 'miscellaneous salad', and the goat rolls.

    1. I think I had seafood pho once - didn't think it was as good as beef pho so I never ordered it again. But most pho joints do chicken as well as seafood pho. Pho Hai Duong definitely has seafood pho.
      Rice Noodle has lots of seafood noodle soups listed under "Bun." Both are in Eden Center with Rice Paper being more upscale.

      1. They may have been talking about Minh's which is near Georgetown in Clarendon. But I don't think it's the best these days. The other recs you have gotten would be better.

        1. I tend to despise Vietnamese restaurants despite the fact that I'm Vietnamese...maybe too spoiled by home-cooked meals. Everything is too sweet or formulaic. That being said, Rice Paper is one of the only restaurants that have truly met my expectations on what I consider good Vietnamese food.

          Back in the day Viet Bistro used to be amazing but they are now nothing but a useless shell of their former self

          1. one might go to G'town for many reasons, but memorable VN is not one of them. if you're there and need some RIGHT NOW! then sure, Miss Saigon will do in a pinch, but not as a purpose in and of itself.