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Aug 21, 2014 02:04 PM

Best place to buy pop/soda/soda pop in Chicago?

I'm looking for a place withe a wide selection of craft pop in the Chicago area. Joey's in Lincoln Square/Ravenswood recently closed and I need something to fill the void. Whole Foods has a couple options, but I'm looking for the biggest selection out there. Any ideas?

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  1. I've seen large selections at Tony Finer Foods and HarvesTime groceries in Lincoln Square, and Binny's liquor stores, the latter with brands that also make beer (e.g., Goose Island, Sprecher's).

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      Those are pretty good and so is the Ravenswood Mariano's, but I'm looking for stuff like NuGrape, Cheerwine, Waialua Soda Works (possibly not available anywhere in the Midwest), glass bottle Faygo, Jic Jac and Big Red.

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        Can't picture seeing those specific brands, since I actually don't drink much soda (recently specifically bought some individual bottles with sugar not corn syrup when guests were staying with us which is why I was able to respond to your post at all), but will keep an eye out. Another place with a large variety, if you haven't checked, is World Market.

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          On Cheerwine's website you can type in a geographical location and it will show the names/addresses of all restaurants and stores nearby that carry their product. You might want to try searching on their website - maybe the retailers that carry Cheerwine will also stock some of the other brands you are seeking.

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            This was a good idea. I'd largely given up going to pop company websites since they're so often wrong or just tell you to contact distributors, who I've uniformly found to be unhelpful. Looks like Cheerwine is available at Fresh Market in Wilmette. Will explore further.

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            Hello "I Eat Chicago", I know exactly where you can get all of these beverages in glass bottles. However, are you only looking for them in the Chicago area? Or are you open to other areas or even online?

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              I Eat Chicago, if you're interested in exploring online sources for sodas, we hope you'll launch a new discussion on the General Topics board. Thanks!

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                It looks like a few other people posted some places online where you can get these beverages. You can also try for the largest selection of beverages online.

        2. The original comment has been removed

            They supply dozens of hardware stores with huge selections, and can often get what you desire if they don't have it. Owner is a doll, will happily send you someplace close.

            Hope this isn't against any rules, I just know they're local and happy to help.

            1. I grab a couple cases of mixed from time to time from Filbert's. I like some of the odd fruit flavors


              I have tried quite a few Root Beer brands from Mariano's this summer while on a root beer float kick. They have a dozen or so. Might be nostalgia speaking, but Dad's and A&W have been the best so far float wise. Some of the others fare better as just Root Beer.

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                Dang Butterscotch root beer is insanely addictive, try it if you come across it!