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Aug 21, 2014 12:55 PM

extract V essential oil??

I know essential oils are not for food prep. BUT can extracts be subbed for EO in a non-food use? Loosely food-related since extracts are often found in a kitchen??

Dealing with aftermath of a STINKY pet "accident"... no need to go into anymore details than to say it's feline related. My sister has given me some suggestions for dealing with the "aroma" and other people Ii don't even know at other sites I visit have added theirs. All pretty much in same ball park.

A little computer knowledge can make ya dangerous... have been googling a bunch of stuff on this topic. One place had a "recipe" for a "homemade" cat deterrent. It calls for tangerine/orange essential oil. I don't have either on hand, tho can find it, I'm sure. Do ya think I could sub extract for oils??

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  1. Extracts are usually sugar(alcohol)-based. I'd be concerned that you'd attract ants; also that the sweetness of the extract will dilute the presence of the essential oils too much to be effective. I don't think it would be a good idea to substitute.

    1. I agree that there probably isn't enough essential oil in the extract to be effective.

      1. Oh, and the alcohol wouldn't attract ants, because they like fat rather than sugar, but it might attract fruitflies.

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          Depends on the type of ant. We have sugar ants in NC - named because they, er, like sugar.

          I'll add my agreement that extracts are not a sub for essential oils.

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            Interesting! I've learned something new now, so I can quit for the day..