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Aug 21, 2014 10:59 AM

Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market - Saturdays [San Francisco]

We are planning to visit the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on a Saturday during our visit to SF and can either go before 10 am (so closer to 8 am) or after 11 am. Is the market still hopping 11 am and later, or would it be worth our while to get up early and go? We really just want to browse and grab breakfast or lunch.

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  1. It goes pretty strong until the closing time of 2 PM. The vendors all seem to shut down immediately at 2:00 though.

    1. Go early, you will not regret it. After 9 or so, it gets really crowded.

      1. The earlier the better to see the widest variety of produce, cheeses, breads, etc. Anything that's in short supply goes fast.

        The market's still hopping until closing time. The scene's not very different.

        1. The market is at its busiest around 11:30 am. Produce is a bit picked over but prepared food is still going strong at that time. Depending on sales produce stalls pack up an hour to half an hour before the end.