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Aug 21, 2014 09:37 AM

Etxebarri - location

Hi All,

My wife and I will be checking out Etxebarri in October and were thinking of staying nearby so we didn't have to worry about driving after dinner. Wondering if there are any other local spots to try for breakfast or lunch in the surrounding area (we will have a car). Thanks!

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  1. Its a bit of an odd area. The towns are quite industrial or if off the beaten track quite small villages. There was a recent post about someone who stayed close by and found some good spots. You are not that far from Bilbao and the coast road between there and SS is reputed to have some good spots.

    1. we are staying at the gran hotel durango which is 10 or 15 mins away ,about 15 euro in a taxi i belive, or there is a bus.
      it was tricky getting anything closer, we looked at mendi goikoa, looks idea but at this time they had conditions about how many rooms had to be booked.
      Its the same with other near by agrotourismo places, one in olazabal for example, they prefer you rent an enire house or you need tostay a few days
      there is a hotel in elorrio too but it seems a touch spartan.
      overall im happy with durango, the hotel offered a romantic package, 110 euros for a suite, cava chocolates breakfast and late check out
      the town may be ok too. there seems to be things going on at somethnig that may be some sort of basque cutural centre called platruena

      1. Thanks for the responses.

        It seems that we are going for lunch (dinner is only served on Saturdays, interestingly), so I guess that we can just explore and then head back to Bilbao.