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Aug 21, 2014 12:34 AM

la boquiera

What are people's favourite tapas places on the market ?
I have a vague memory og bar boquera at the back and thinking it was more authentic than the slightly touristy front ones ?
Will be arriving Sat lunch . Do 2 of us stand a chance ?

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  1. Hi, have just returned from the Boqueria and Bar Boqueria (your memory serves correctly — it is at the back of the market hall) where we had a couple of coffees — there was just one other person sat at the counter— at 8.30am. Bar Quim was also relatively very quiet with just four or five people having scrambled egg breakfasts when we passed by at around 9am.
    Saturday lunchtime it will be rammed, and you'll probably have to wait for a spot. But, if only two of you, not so very long. A good many of the stalls are closed for the summer vacation. And there are a good many more juice and fruit salad stands, and candy stores than when you were last there.
    Enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

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      hi, yes, its a good 4 or so years since i went, we land at tenish saturday morning, bags to amister art hotel then it seems a good spot to get some lunch then escriba for cakes
      we have a tickets reservation that night
      sunday lunch is proving a bit tricky
      I may plump for taller de tapas, i know there is better but it has memories for me and my wife andd one of our first trips away together

    2. There's another bar/restaurant, very typical and authentic, called El Pinotxo, with incredible "raciones" (bigger tapas) and great value. Also just outside the market (Calle Jerusalem, 6) you will find Bacaro, an absolutely charming Venecian tavern. Granted it doesn't specialize in Catalan/Spanish food but there are several different options, and of course all the ingredients are fresh from the market. You might have better luck finding a table, too.

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        i dont mind the standing, i want the buzz of the market. i think it was pinoxtO AND EL QUIM which were the ones i was thinking of near the front.

        for some reason i had it in my head that the former was more pinxtos, while essentially the same as tapas we are going to san seb a couple of days later

        i have however been informed it means something else all together

      2. what is the approx spend here btw for a couple to have a few tapas, i dunno pan con tomate, razor clams croquettes, decent ham etc and a few wines?