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Aug 20, 2014 04:05 PM

Anniversary dinner in Rome late August

Hi All,
The hubby and I are looking for a special place in Rome to have dinner with another couple next week. It's a celebration but we'd like to try someplace that's not the usual michelin starred, foams, fusion and hype. I know it's late in the game a
AND August!

Kind regards,

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  1. Al Ceppo and Agata e Romeo should provide the dignity and dash worthy of a special occasion without the rest. Another idea could be L'Archeologia on the Via Appia Antica. Also La Regola, near via Arenula -- lovely small Ligurian place with nice outdoor area. Also Ristorante Italia, atop Eataly., where you can download my list

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      Ristorante italia is closed permanently.

      1. re: vinoroma

        Since when? I had lunch there ten days ago!

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          since past weekend. Esposito returns to bologna, and there are rumors the 3 star chef niko romito (reale) will be opening his formazione (a training restaurant for his cooks) restaurant in the italia space.

    2. Antico Arco is open. That's my definition of a special occasion kind of place.

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        I was going to add Antico Arco, which I like very much, but felt it skated a little too close to OP's list of undesirables.

      2. We had a lovely meal at Al Ceppo in early July to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday. We picked it specifically because Matt hates "foams, fusion and hype," and it was perfect for us.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! Our hotel recommended casina valdiere. Any feedback?

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            It is one of most beautiful settings for a dinner on earth, and for that reason is mostly used for weddings and such. For the last twenty-five or so years has been a sort of revolving door for restaurateurs who try to make something of it and then leave for one reason or another. Apparently someone else is trying. You can see it at The menu is high-end chef style, not exactly fusion, and may be well executed, but is not what you say you're looking for. Prices are high but not the highest. It certainly has nothing to do with the food of Rome.