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Aug 20, 2014 03:31 PM

Japanese food question

Years ago I ate a dish called 'hum yook' ( I am sure this is just my version of pronunciation and spelling...) It was a fermented dish, as I remember. Does anyone know what I am talking about and can point me in a direction to find and eat this dish again? Thanks.

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  1. Was it Vegetable, Chicken, Seafood etc........??
    You will need to give more detail, there are many fermented Foods in Japan none of which sound like Hum Yook to me.

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      It is a ground pork patty with fermented fish or bean curd

      Skip, tell us where you want to eat this dish

      1. re: Alan408

        SO what is it's name? and is it Japanese?

        1. re: chefj

          I know it as Chinese, Hom yu(k). But it was a "secret menu item" in the old days. Steamed seasoned ground pork patty topped with fermented fish or fermented bean curd

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              An interesting comment about being a secret menu item... When I would order it at the one restaurant that served it, the server would usually ask if I knew what I was ordering as it was usually not on the menu. Also, the cooks would sometimes peak out from the kitchen to see who had ordered hom yuk,,,
              Your description sounds correct from what I remember, with fermented fish. My friends would also tell me that it smelled bad, no problem for me as I cannot smell. I can taste and it was very good...

      2. I am 75 percent sure you want to go back and change the title of the question to "Korean food" question. I am 99 percent sure no Japanese dish would be called anything close to hum yook. Could be a different Asian dish, though.

        (BTW, a quick google brings up "han guk" which basically means "Korean." So, do you remember the color, or the veggies, where you ate it? The season you ate it? Hot, cold or room temperature? Could be eaten with a fork or a spoon?)

        1. I can only think of a close approximation in cantonese "ham yook/yuk" meaning literally salted meat.

          1. Hello All;
            Thank you for your help. As I remember it was a salty, sour or fermented fish based dish. I think it was warm and not cold. I don't remember it being a patty with sauce on top, more of stew type presentation. Also, friends would tell me that it smelled strong (I cannot smell) and fermented, something like kim chee, but not cabbage based. Whenever I ordered it, the server would ask if I knew what I was ordering and sometimes cooks or (?) would come out to see who was ordering it. I live in San Diego north county, Carlsbad, Ca.The restaurant I ate it at was in Spring Valley, Ca. on Jamacha Road, if anyone knows the area... I think it was a Japanese restaurant.
            Thanks again for all your information.

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            1. re: skipstein

              You might do a search on this forum for "Hom Yu". Its steamed pork with fun yu (fermented bean curd) topped with salted fish.