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Aug 20, 2014 03:14 PM

Private Dining Space, 60 people - River North

Hi! I am looking for recommendations for a nice restaurant that has a great private dining space in the River North area that can accommodate 50-60 people seated. A short cab ride from is this area is fine too. It would be nice if the private dining space maybe had an outdoor area for cocktails before moving inside for dinner. So many of the steakhouse private rooms seem to be in the basement with no windows so it would be nice if the room had a nice view.

Thank you so much!

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  1. You may want to look into Tony Mantuano's new restaurant, River Roast,
    It just opened and I've not been since it became River Roast but it is in the space that used to house Fultons on the River. I attended a private event when it was Fulton's and the space was terrific. There are walk out terraces below the entry level right on the river, which is where we had our cocktail hour. As you may know, Mantuano is the executive chef at Spiaggia and also Bar Toma, so he has serious food credentials.

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      Further to my suggestion of River Roast, see this review that was just published in Crains,

    2. a very helpful thing you can do is to look on opentable - they actually list restaurants with larger group spaces and how many people each space (ie specific rooms within the restaurant) can hold. and, you can search by neighborhood!

      i used this to search for a location for a baby shower - super easy.

      1. Check out the red room at Tortoise Club. I'm a big fan of the place in general, and that room has a bit of a wow factor.

        1. This discussion has a lot of tips for booking a private dinner in Chicago, including links to listings of private dining rooms:

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