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Aug 20, 2014 01:22 PM

Cabrito at a street cart and ........

Heading to the US embassy next week. It will be a quick trip and needs to stay cheap. I would to find some cabrito on the street or a cheap sit down place for starters.
Second is cheese. Is there an area or specific store to get a good selection of cheese?
Third is salami and sausage. I really don't need chorizo but some good italian salami would be great with some cheese and a bottle of wine when I get back to Catemaco. Any stores in mind or area of many stores?
I don't want to go to some fancy pants tourist/gringo store. I do OK with my spanish and feel pretty comfortable living in Mexico.

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  1. Geno0 there is a taqueria in back of the U.S. Embassy on Rio Lerma, kind of set back from the street a bit...tables in front, grill, counter and more seating further back. They've got some interesting, and sometimes different, options on their menu. They *might* have cabrito, but no guarantees. Prices were reasonable and it wasn't a fancy/pants place.

    1. La Naval, a wine, liquor, gourmet foods store is located at Avenida Insurgentes at the corner of Avenida Michoacán in the area of Mexico City where Colonia Roma Norte meets Colonia Condesa. (I am not sure of the exact colonia.)

      They have a nice cheese and meats selection in their deli case.

      Another place is the Mercado San Juan, Calle Ernesto Pugibet, Centro. There are several stands inside specializing in European (much of them Spanish) cured meats and cheeses.

      1. Here's an article that will help you find where to eat cabrito in Mexico City.

        I'd be interested in what you mean by 'fancy pants tourist/gringo store'. I've lived in the DF for several years--and for much, much longer in Mexico--and I'm not sure what that implies. "Fancy pants" stores yes, I get that, but tourist/gringo stores? I'm not sure I've seen anything in the DF that meets that description.

        La Jersey and several other market stands at the Mercado San Juan also carry an impressive array of imported cheeses. La Naval carries imported cheeses. Both of those places are pretty fancy pants in terms of what they sell, La Naval more so. La Naval closest to the American Embassy is at the corner of Av. Insurgentes and Calle Coahuila in Colonia Hipódromo La Condesa.


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          Yes, that's the La Naval store I've been to. Note to OP that Calle Coahuila becomes Avenida Michoacán west of Insurgentes.

          We once created our own gastro walking tour of parts of Condesa. We made our lunch with wines and cheeses purchased at La Naval, then got some coarse country paté at Bistro Mosaico (they have a small deli case), around the corner on Av. Michoacán. We brought artisanal breads leftover from our breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, up Avenida Amsterdam near Calle Celaya. Lunch was on a bench in Parque México. By chance, a klezmer band was playing nearby. Where else in Mexico can you do this? :-)

        2. looks like we are staying at Hotel Roble, a few blocks from the zocalo.
          While the wife is at her expo, I will be wandering aimlessly but Mercado San Juan is the first stop after the embassy. It could be the last stop before leaving also, who knows.
          Anything around the zocalo area you would care to recommend?

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          1. re: genoO

            Hotel Roble, on Calle República de Uruguay: You are close to a branch of Pastelería L'Ideal, just past where Uruguay crossed 5 de Febrero. Worh a visit, even if not cabrito. About one block farther, west Calle Bolívar crosses Uruguay. Turn south (left) and within half a block you'll find El Huequito, the restaurant version, famous for its tacos al pastor, and more. Next door is Taquería Coyuco, with a good rep, but we haven't eaten there.

            I just thought of another place for cabrito, but I haven't eaten there: Salon Victoria, on Calle Victoria, (which is Uruguay to the east and Victoria to the west.) Maybe it's about two blocks west after crossing Eje Central 3 San Juan de Letrán. See map: It's on López at Victoria.

            That's all for now; my comida is ready.

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              El Huequito is between Calle Dolores and Calle López, on Calle Ayuntamiento in front of Plaza San Juan, a tourist-trap 'artisans' market (but not fancy-pants, just junk); Mercado San Juan is on Calle Ernesto Pugibet, about a block from there, between Calle Luis Moya and the park called Plaza San Juan.


          2. I am really looking forward to visiting Mercado San Juan. Looks like it is well within walking distance from the hotel.
            Thanks! I will post an update after the trip.