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I'm in the mood for chicken drumsticks...

What's your favorite recipe and what do you serve on the side?

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  1. Grilled tandoori style marinated in yogurt/tandoori masala; served with cucumber raita

    Filipino adobo, braised with onions in vinegar and soy sauce; with jasmine rice

    Roasted or grilled with Frank's/Crystal/Louisiana hot sauce and butter; w/blue cheese dip and celery or carrots

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      I completely concur with your adobo & tandoori suggestions! We had both recently and they were delicious.... Pic of the tandoori chicken we made.

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        Oh and with both we serve rice... basmati with the Tandoori and jasmine or plain long grain with the adobo. Usually some green veg to go with either. And naan with the tandoori.

    2. Less of a recipe, more of a general technique:

      With a sharp knife, slice the skin around the ankle. This causes the skin and meat to pull away from the ankle during cooking, which not only looks nice, it also gives you a clean bone to grab when eating. Be sure to cut completely through the ankle tendons, as these tendons can curl up and get tough during cooking if you leave them intact. Carefully peel the skin down from the top of the leg, but leave it attached near the bottom. Cut 2-3 diagonal slashes down to the bone in the thickest part of the meat. Apply marinade or dry rub, then refasten the skin back up with a couple of toothpicks. Marinade overnight, then grill or oven roast until the interior is 170F and the skin is crispy.

      Peeling back the skin and slashing the meat before marinating exposes more surface area to absorb the marinade/rub, and you still get that crispy skin in every bite when you pin it back in place before cooking. This works with any kind of seasoning but I'm partial to WalkersWood jerk paste, thinned out with cider vinegar.

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        You've enlightened me. I've been making chicken legs wrong my entire life. Love this technique!

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          If you enjoyed them, you didn't do it wrong. This is just my semi-obsessed way to get results I like.

          1. Mom used to roll them in sour cream and coat with Italian bread crumbs and bake.
            I could eat one after the other...

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              My mother did it similarly, though used melted butter instead of sour cream and mixed parmesan with the breadcrumbs. Loved them.

            2. I was perusing the interwebs recently, as I never made drumsticks myself (I'm more of a thigh gal), and came across this, which looks easy 'nuff:


              As for sides -- tomato salad and COTC. 'tis the sesason after all.

              1. Jerk Chicken legs!! I have made I made my own jerk seasoning in the past - but it's not nearly as good as walkerswood (you can get it at costplus if you have one near).


                I love this marinade also - I have used this on pork, chicken etc. If you can get Kaffir lime leaves (they keep forever in the freezer) this is a great and unique recipe (half the chicken base however).


                1. Three Legged Chicken-
                  mom use to buy those packs of the cheap on sale drumsticks when we were little. For some reason The always had nine drumsticks in them and I somehow reasoned in my head they came from three legged chickens.

                  olive oil
                  lemon juice
                  mix it up in a ziploc baggie
                  dump the legs in squish it around to cover and let sit for an hour or so
                  cook at 375

                  1. http://www.chow.com/recipes/30350-asi... This is more geared towards a whole cut up chicken but works just as well with only drumsticks. Served on the side with plain rice (white or brown, whatever kind you like), and whatever steamed veggie is around.

                    1. My favorite way to serve chicken drumsticks is to chop off the joint at the end and push the skin and meat down, exposing about half an inch of the bare bone. Then I marinate in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and a little honey and then bake at 400 until it's crispy. (Line your pan well or it will be a major pain to clean afterwards!) The exposed bone becomes a handle for the chicken "lollipop" which is great hot or at room temp.