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What do you want to know about wine?

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What have you always wanted to know about wine, but always been too embarrassed to ask? Perhaps there is something about wine terms? Pairings? Glassware?

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  1. Evidently, lack of answers to your question is an answer to your question.

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    1. Sorry but this is not the most welcoming board

      1. I spend between nine and ten dollars for a bottle of wine. Mostly red table wines or meritages . Should I be spending more or less on these ? I do like them. Recomendations ? Yes, I dislike white wines, though I do like Orvieto. Any white wine that the US makes that is similar ? Do I have to drink out of a wine glass to enjoy the wine when I can't stand them.? I prefer a tumbler I purchased in Cortona. Ok, or not Ok ?

        1. Do the grapes make a difference?
          If so, how much?