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Your favorite ham brand (coldcut)

Who makes the best tasting ham? I have some awesome baguettes and I'd like to make some ham and butter sandwich for picnic.
Also, are Americans the only ones who eat turkey as coldcut? I don't remember seeing it in Europe.

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  1. Boars Head low sodium is my favorite. I know when my Swedish relatives came for a visit they thought turkey sandwiches were very yummy....They'd never had them before.

    1. Karl Ehmer country ham with sweet butter on a baguette is the best! It's real ham, not pressed meat.
      Fairway carries it.

          1. Russer Light

            or any Dietz and Watson ham

            1. Parmacotto roasted ham is my favorite deli ham, but if you're in NYC you can always stop at the salumeria and get something very good. I usually stop at Salumeria Rosi when I'm on my way to Central Park.

              1. I have a few favorite Ham Brands.I like Honey Baked,Hormel,and

                1. Aldi's sells their sliced black forest ham in a deli package. Excellent!

                    1. Home made :)

                      Simple to do, but takes 1-2 weeks.