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Aug 20, 2014 12:28 PM

Gourmet Grocery Stores and Best Macarons in DC

I will be visiting in a few weeks and wanted to check out DC's best gourmet grocery stores (looking for something like Dean and Deluca that's not getting the best reviews) and the best macaroons. The only lead I've had so far is Olivia Macarons.

Also willing to travel to surrounding areas.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Macarons (only one 'o') are the delicate French sandwich cookies. Macaroons are the heavy coconut drop cookies.

    If you are looking for macarons, then Olivia is the best bakery version. My favorite flavors are cassis, lemon, rose, coffee, and chocolate.

    Central Michel Richard is a restaurant that will sell you macarons by the piece. You don't have to eat there or make a reservation, just show up, order and pay at the bar, and they will bag them up for you. I think these are the 'ultimate' macarons in the area, but they only make a few different flavors each day, so you don't have the extensive variety or selection as Olivia.

    I can't help you with macaroons.

    1. What groceries are you looking for? To eat now or take home?
      There are Whole Foods in DC, and many really, really good specialty shops and farmers markets with excellent purveyors.

      Dean and Deluca is for posers anyway.

      1. Patisserie Poupon's Baltimore location has excellent macarons. I assume the DC one's (1645 Wisconsin Avenue) are just as good.