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Aug 20, 2014 12:18 PM

Last Minute Recommenations

We are in town tonight and tomorrow night and looking for last minute recommendations for dinner tonight and tomorrow and breakfast and lunch tomorrow. We are seeing Absinthe tonight at Caesars and looking for early dinner around 5:30 or 6;00. Budget not really an issue...

We have been to the following over the years:
Joel Robuchon
Sweets at Raku
Steakhouse at Circus Circus

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, if you want to stay near ceaser's, I'd consider either Mesa Grill or Joe's Stone Crab. Or you could hit the bar at Guy Savoy, where I believe they have a bubbles and bites menu.
    Although I know you indicated budget was not an issue, I have enjoyed the three course lunch at Milos in the Cosmo which is also well priced at 20.14. Db brasserie is doing some nice looking three course lunches but I have not gone there yet so can only say the menus look interesting

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      I know it's a "nit", but don't want folks to think Milos is making an error on their bill. The lunch for 2014 is $22.14. Milos changed the concept this year; e.g. for 2013 the cost was $20.13; 2012 was $20.12..... Regardless, it is still a very good value.

      1. re: Philber

        Thanks! That's a good catch. And I agree still a good value

    2. Spago in the Forum Shops in Caesars.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. Considering Spago for lunch and may consider eating Downtown, as we have not visited there in years.

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          Downtown is a lot of fun now and worth checking out (including the container park). It's better at night but fun during the day as well. I'd check out Carson Kitchen, Le Thai, or EAT.

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            Not a suggestion, but hoping you could express your favorite dining experience of the restaurants you listed.
            We've dined at Sage and L'Atalier but Joel's signature restaurant may be a little much for my wallet.
            Of the others, what were your favorites?

        2. Breakfast, I would hit up Peppermill. .classic old school place that has great food and can't beat the people watching.

          Lunch. Tacos el Gordo..get in the right line for what you want..stupid but excellent tacos/food.

          Dinner. .La Cave at the Wynn for small plates or Country Club.