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Aug 20, 2014 01:10 AM

Chowhound now allowing advertising posts?


Is Chowhound now permitting blatant advertising posts from restaurants and PR agencies?

There are two blatant examples on the Miami board, under the guise of "Photo Story". Hah!

They are nothing more than press releases. Take a look:

Long-time board regulars have flagged these for several days, but no action.

So, either ads are now allowed, or someone seems to be asleep at the wheel.


    Welcome to the new chowhound.

    Some of these threads may eventually be deleted but many are now permitted.

    1. There's a paradigm shift going on @ Chow/Chowhound. These threads will explain:

      1. I see. Well, while I'd welcome more participation from actual industry insiders, these particular posts are not from an "industry insider" of any type. Although their username and the name of their website is "Miami Food Reviews," their website is used almost exclusively to post material written by the restaurants themselves, press releases, and verbatim quotes from restaurant websites. It's pretty much the definition of spam.

        They also use content that doesn't belong to them, as at least two of the photos used on their website are mine, for which they do no not have permission. I've now also confirmed that they have posts which falsely claim to have been authored by Melissa Clark (the cookbook writer and NY Times columnist).

        Now they're using Chowhound as a platform to republish that material - which is not in any way an opinion or discussion - and it seems the answer from Chowhound is "we don't care" (I flagged their posts as spam days ago - they remain up, though one of my comments in response was deleted).

        More participation from industry insiders would be a great thing. This has nothing to do with that ostensible goal. If Chowhound wants to become a bulletin board for posting press releases, that's about the last thing I need to read more of, and will probably be the end of my participation in and visiting of this site.

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        1. re: Frodnesor

          I wondered if those posts contained "repurposed" material. You might want to flag the posts beyond calling them spam, use "Other" and explain they are using your photos, if you haven't already. Bringing your insider info to the fore, so to speak.

          1. re: mcsheridan

            I should have been more clear: the posts they have put up here on CH do not use my photos - others on their website do.

        2. Just clicked on those urls and they've both been removed.

          1. Ooh, look! It's spam+! Now with extra illegality!


            I flagged the above post about 5 hours ago. I'm sure I'm not alone. Yet there it sits, all spammy and illegal and all. What's next? Chow escort ads?

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            1. re: small h

              Too late. I believe jrvedivici has already been offering his.... services on several threads '-D

                  1. re: linguafood

                    I'll take this as an endorsement for the Jr Board!!!