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Aug 19, 2014 01:00 PM

Chatbots? Chowhound as a Turing Test?


Readers of the Chains and Home Cooking boards probably recognize the blather and formatting of a certain new OP. The Mods are aware of these posts and have not seen fit to ban the user, who may be a computer program. If it's a real person, it's a troll who enjoys wasting Chowhounds' time.

Living at ground zero of the Market Basket furor, these days I am all about boycotting. I invite others to join me in resolving not to respond to any future posts from the "troll-bot". Even if it does not go away, at least it won't be encouraged.

  1. We think that it's always good advice to ignore posters you don't care to engage with so we think it's a great idea for you and anyone else who doesn't like a certain poster to stop replying to them. Of course, you can always Flag anything you think is a violation of our site rules, and we'll take a look. Because we don't encourage discussion of specific posters or posting situations here on Site Talk, we're going to lock this thread now.