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Aug 19, 2014 09:03 AM

Where to find clay comal?

I'm looking for a nice clay comal or even regular comals would be nice in the DC/Baltimore/Northern VA area. Help please!!

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  1. Type in comal at they have the black clay ~ $40 and a huge assortment of metal ones to choose from starting at $15. Make sure to read the reviews, the one I listed below should get you started and if you have questions there are 59 already answered you can read, they have also have a lengthy description for use/care - good luck : )

    Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round Griddle, 10.5-inch by Lodge
    847 customer reviews | 59 answered questions
    Price: $14.97 Free Shipping for Prime Members

    1. My friend bought a clay comal at La Tienda in Williamsburg (VA) if you feel like making a weekend out of it.