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Aug 19, 2014 08:59 AM

Koshary Tomato Sauce

I plan on trying a very bastardized "Koshary style" recipe this coming weekend - but am still looking for a recipe for the tomato sauce typically served with Koshary. Any suggestions would be fantastic.

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  1. There are loads of Koshary recipes online. Never having heard of Koshary before now, I accessed websites that had recipes which included tomato sauce (or as my Italian wife would call it..."gravy"). What is that you wish to do that you seem to think is heresy?

    Are there religious dietary laws that restrict the use of certain ingredients?

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    1. re: ChiliDude

      It's just not a traditional recipe - so it doesn't come with the tomato sauce component. I guess that was more my point of calling it bastardized than implying there was something egregiously wrong. Not that I couldn't be talked into topping koshary with bacon bits along with fried onions as a tasty (but religiously inappropriate) variation.

      I have looked at other recipes online, and there just seems to be some pretty wide variations in the recipes. So I was hoping for a Chowhound approved suggestion.

      1. re: cresyd

        I believe in culinary creativity. Do you really believe that you need a Chowhound APPROVED suggestion?

        I belong to the "What if...?" school of cooking specializing in "Cuisine impromptu."

        1. re: ChiliDude

          I want to make a creative variation of a dish that I found a recipe for. Part of this variation (that I am very excited to try) neglected to include a tomato sauce component. I feel that this recipe (as nice and interesting as it is) would benefit from still having the tomato sauce condiment. I was looking for suggestions for recipes from the tomato sauce.

          Not chowhound approved, but rather chowhound recommended. My use of the word "bastardized" was not meant to imply bad or lesser, but rather to indicate that this recipe had a creative take - and I was looking to take that creative take an additional step and add a tomato sauce condiment.

          I'm looking for a recommended Egyptian tomato sauce condiment recipe. What more CH worthy query could I have posed?

          1. re: cresyd

            You are right 100%! It was the perfect CH query!

    2. I've used Ottolenghi's recipe and liked it quite a lot. It's on line in various spots, here's the first one I came across -

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      1. re: janeh

        Actually, I don't think that is right. The tomato sauce for the Koshery wasn't spicy, but you could add a hot sauce if you wanted. At least, that is how I remember having it in Cairo. The sauce was kind of thin and might have had lemon in it. Hot sauce was on the side.

        1. re: roxlet

          Roxlet, I defer to you and your first hand knowledge! I was in Egypt some years ago and have few specific food memories, so Ottolenghi is my only point of reference.

          1. re: janeh

            The reason you have few specific food memories is because Egypt is not a foodie place, and the food the locals like -- fuul, koshary, etc -- tends to be rather bland and not highly flavored.

            Koshary probably benefits from a spicy tomato sauce. Each time I had it, I found the dish to be not only bland, but just such a carbohydrate bomb. I remember pouring on the hot sauce, but my companions didn't like spicy food, and didn't us it.

            1. re: janeh

              My experience with Ottolenghi with traditional Levantine dishes, is that he's very prone to "umph" them. Not that they aren't very tasty but usually aren't the most authentic versions.

                1. re: roxlet

                  Haha - exactly!

                  But I do have a fondness for some of the traditional "with less umph" for some dishes like koshary or mujadara. That being said, I have NO plans to make the traditional garlic vinegar condiment in my tiny kitchen.

        2. For future reference, I used the tomato sauce recipe in the following recipe as a starting point. I opted to put the onion and garlic while somewhat cooked into the blender (before adding the tomato paste) to make sure that it was a super fine consistency, but the vinegar definitely helped get the taste I wanted.