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Aug 19, 2014 08:50 AM

Have you ever left a Restaurant...

Have you ever left a Restaurant when the dish you went there for is unavailable? I went to this eatery in NYC with a party of three. We ordered and something prompted me to ask if they had this specific desert. They told me no and that their sister restaurant only carried it now. I wanted to leave as that is what I went there for. The rest of my party got a bit annoyed at me as I told the wait staff to cancel my order. Yeah I know I overreacted a bit but my palate was set on that desert-it was a signature dish of theirs. I now make it a point to call ahead where I am dining to make sure they have what I want. Has this ever happened to you-the unavailability of a dish that you were looking forward to? I know most would order something else but I was stubborn that evening.

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  1. The only time I've left a restaurant after being seated is when service has been atrociously slow -- either because no one came to take an order after waiting a long time or after placing an order if drinks and/ or apps were not delivered, again after a really long wait, with no acknowledgement or explanation from the server or manager.

    1. At a sit down place (and especially when with other people) no - but at various to-go/take away places - all the time. One place in particular was a Yemenite late night place I used to go to post bars. The dish I'd always order they wouldn't always make after midnight, and so it really depended on who was working and how busy they were.

      I can think of endless take-away situations, but not for sit down.

      1. I've only left a restaurant on one occasion and that was because service was so slow that no-one had even taken an order.

        I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant with the intention of only eating a specific dish.

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        1. No. In fact, I've had two experiences where the restaurant was out of everything we ordered, or an ingredient or component of each dish we ordered, until we hit on what apparently was the Magic Combination and were served.

          This happened once out-of-state when I was a kid travelling with my family; Dad would NEVER have left -- bad manners, in his view. We had to reorder for my mom after her BLT was delivered with only lettuce, tomato, and mayo by a waitress who said sheepishly, "We're outta bacon too."

          The other was a local joint some years back. My wife and I took visiting acquaintance to the place, which was fronted by a then-popular local meteorologist. They, too, were out of nearly everything -- including, a few months later, out of business.

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              me too. That seems a bit self-centered.