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Aug 19, 2014 01:53 AM

Eating in Lisbon with kids (2 & 4)

Heading to Lisbon this weekend for 4 days with two kids, plus a grandmother in tow. Everyone's looking forward to it but I'm a little behind researching kid-friendly restaurants.

Pizzaria Lisboa looks decent as of course our kids love pizza.

My wife and I will probably treat ourselves to a tasting menu one night but I would love to hear any solid lunch and early dinner options that would make our trip pleasant eating out with young kids.

We live in Barcelona and I always jump to help Hounds visiting as finding restaurants that have early kitchens can be a challenge as Spaniards tend to eat later than Portuguese.



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  1. As you say, teh Portuguese eat earlier than the Spaniards (12 - 2:30pm and 7pm - 10:30pm). But Portuguese kids eat with their parents, and it's not uncommon to see kids in restaurants at 10pm (or sleeping on a chair...) Quite normal here.
    I suggest you go to the docks under the old bridge (25 de Abril); Plenty of kids friendly places, space to run, and restaurants serve non-stop which allows for early dinner. Otherwise the site of the Expo (Oriente) is great too for safe restaurants, and you should absolutely visit the Oceanarium, the kids love it (and parents too).