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Aug 18, 2014 07:49 PM

What to do when the RESTAURANT cancels your reservations?

My wife and I are coming back to Vegas, as we always do in September, for a three-day conference. Since the SLS is opening August 23rd, and José Andres will have a new place there -- Bazaar Meat by José Andres -- so on July 1st, I made reservations for September. This afternoon, however, I received an email -- nice enough, by the way; very polite -- informing me that, due to a buyout of the entire restaurant for a private party, the restaurant has to cancel my reservations. They would like to accommodate our party either the day before (we're dining at é), or the day after (we're at Jean-Georges).

Clearly I'm not going to cancel é, but I moved Jean-Georges to Thursday. Now I'm waiting to hear from the restaurant to see if they can seat us on Friday, but I confess to being skeptical . . . not only is it my nature, but Open Table shows no reservations are available.

Ideas? Suggestions? Has this ever happened to anyone else? It's a first in my experience . . .

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  1. Interesting situation, but if you remain receptive to them I am sure some comps will occur.

    1. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be able to take care of you after having to cancel.

      If I strike out on Open Table, I call directly, use Amex concierge or the hotel. I've never not been able to get in anyplace in 30 years.

      I'm just speaking about LV.

      1. really depends, but this does happen. One of the most notorious spots in the world for such behavior is Schwa in Chicago, where I had it happen only to have them seat me the next day and comp the whole meal. A similar event then occurred at The Elm in Brooklyn and although I was able to flip another reservation to make it work we received nothing but a glass of cheap cider gratis at The Elm, even though they'd cancelled on my sister's birthday.

        1. Well, as I said earlier, I emailed the restaurant to take them up on moving the dinner to Friday evening and was waiting to hear from them when I posted the original question.

          Heard from the restaurant's General Manager, and we now have an 8:00 reservation for the next day, Friday! All that worked out perfectly! Now we'll have to see how the food is . . . I'll post a report next month! ;^)

          1. Somewhat unrelated to your question but I'd consider someplace else besides Jean-Georges. We had a rather underwhelming meal there several months ago. It wasn't bad but just sort of meh.