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Aug 18, 2014 07:49 PM

Indian/Thai/Vietnamese in New York.

I do not live in America. I am doing research on Indian/Thai/Vietnamese Restaurants in New York. I am getting mixed reviews from many of the sites/blogs I am reading. Some say bad Indian/Thai/Vietnamese food-overpriced-small portions, etc. So I am coming to the experts (you) to find out your recommendations. I have a few months until I come, so any help would be most appreciated as I prepare for my NYC Food visit. Thanks.

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  1. In New York City, Thai is best represented, followed by Indian and lastly Vietnamese. The Vietnamese food quality in the city is not good at all

    1. Where do you live right now, and why did you choose these cuisines?

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        I live in Bermuda where there is hardly any great ethnic cuisines. I am a bit partial to these cuisines but am open to try anything. If you have any other ethnic cuisines to recommend, I surely would try them.

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          If you want to try the best I recommend a subway trip outside of Manhattan. I highly recommend Spicy Lanka, Sri Lankan cuisine in Queens

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            If you have a great interest in non-Western foods, I'd highly recommend taking a trip to Queens.

            You can even get a guided foodie tour.

            The LIRR leaves from Penn Station to Woodside or Flushing Queens and is much faster than the subway.

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          1. This board is only for Manhattan. Post on the Outerboroughs board for the others.

            In the past 3-5 years we've had an entrance of quite good Isaan Thai food. Still no Vietnamese to speak of. Indian, meh.

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