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Aug 18, 2014 07:08 PM

Master Chef 8/18 spoilers

Gordo called MK a crafty old dog and a schmuck!

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  1. How does this keep happening? Cutter somehow makes it through - again!

    He makes a terrible dish that lands him in the pressure test but somehow makes a perfect ravioli?

    He should have gone ages ago!

    Strangely, Leslie is growing on me. He is annoying but kind of amusing too.

    Don't you love it when Gordon shakes his head and says damn?

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    1. re: chefhound

      Cutter is the proverbial blind hog who finds the acorn at the right time.

      I do find MK amusing - obviously he's good at sucking up. You don't become a kept man if you can't suck up properly.

      I thought it's funny that Courtney was wondering why no one wants to team up with her. It's even funnier that no one really wants to team up with anyone other than Elizabeth.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        poor cutter.. He is like the Forest Gump of master chef..

      2. re: chefhound

        I had thought that a ring of ricotta kept the egg yolk in place. It didn't look like the contestants had that to use. What keep it from sliding off the pasta square?

        1. re: chicgail

          I've only made egg yolk raviolis once before but I did use a ricotta "nest" to secure the egg and cant recall a recipe that didn't use ricotta.

          But maybe you can create a well in the bottom layer of pasta using a spoon?

        2. re: chefhound

          I like Leslie too. And he certainly seems able to cook...

        3. This is the first time I've watched Master Chef - I was surprised that Cutter won having used a fork to seal the raviolis - more like peanut butter cookies!

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          1. re: ElizabethS

            I think he's the only one who successfully sealed the raviolis?

            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              I thought the girl on the left (sorry don't know names) ravioli was fully sealed?

              1. re: ElizabethS

                That would be Jaimee. I don't know whether her's was properly sealed. If so, how did Cutter win?

                1. re: Worldwide Diner

                  I just watched that segment again - I think while Jaimee's was completely sealed it was undercooked (watched the whispered judge comments too) - looking at the yolk I would have to agree that Cutter's appears more correctly cooked.

          2. Kind of sad seeing Jaimee and Daniel off to the side looking awkward during the 'team-up', and then finally teaming up together because they were the only ones left without partners.

            1. That one girl in the heels always stands as if she's trying not to pee on camera.

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              1. re: breadchick

                (Courtney) And was I the only one thinking tonight's dress was waaay too short and loose for a balcony. I'm sure all below got an eye full.

              2. I had to rewind to hear the "schmuck" comment a few times. Quite a lovely word when said with a British/Scottish accent. ;-)

                Although as Elizabeth said, MK did a good sales job on himself. AND he kept to his end of the bargain and did exactly what she told him to do. I'm not sure he was the smarter one, as he claimed, in letting Elizabeth run the show. That was obvious when Gordon said upon their winning "Nice job, Elizabeth. ::::::long pause::::: And Leslie." I DO wonder, however, if he would have gone along with everything if what Elizabeth had suggested sounded horrible.

                Cutter and Big Willie. A disaster as a team. Willie was right - he screwed himself by NOT saying anything. But then again, it would have been like talking to a wall - Cutter won't listen to anyone. But if Willie had said something, and Cutter refused to go along, at least Willie would have had the "I told you so!" moment.

                But. What. The. HELL. Cutter made it through the Pressure Test yet again? He really needs to be gone. As does Jaimee. As does Big Willie. Thankful Daniel is gone.

                My call for the finale - Courtney, MK, and Elizabeth. And Elizabeth should win it all.

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                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Did anyone but me wonder why Cutter and Willie's "delight of a cut of chicken-- that is, a breast" had what looked for all the world like a leg bone sticking out of the side of it? They showed that plate multiple times, and each time it looked to me like there was a drumstick under that breast.

                    1. re: DGresh

                      Drumette still attached to breast.

                    2. re: DGresh

                      And did anyone else scoff when Gordon kept saying that the breast was the part everyone wanted? Why would anyone want the part of the chicken that's the blandest, hardest to cook, easy to dry out and generally most boring part of the chicken?

                      1. re: chefhound

                        yeah, like I go to a restaurant and dream of ordering the chicken breast!

                        1. re: chefhound

                          Exactly what I was wondering. I would even have used the same words: boring & bland & dry.

                          1. re: chicgail

                            I was thinking the exact same thing! Surely Gordon doesn't believe what he said.

                        2. re: DGresh

                          That's called a Statler chicken breast

                          Very fancy!!

                        3. re: LindaWhit

                          I could see his strategy if he believes Elizabeth is his biggest competitor, which is the way it is shaping up thanks to editing at least, then letting her lead and learning her cooking first hand wasn't such a bad idea. He's still in the game and he learned something about her.

                          1. re: LindaWhit

                            I would've thought that Leslie would team up with Big Willie but since neither of them are good leaders, it makes sense to team up with someone strong and not real douchey just so you don't have to do the pressure test. I don't believe that Leslie was actively trying to steal Elizabeth's secrets. I think he's just trying to save his butt.

                            1. re: LindaWhit

                              " AND he kept to his end of the bargain and did exactly what she told him to do. I'm not sure he was the smarter one, as he claimed, in letting Elizabeth run the show."

                              He did the same roll over and pat tummy show with Ahran. I find it sad "let me win by not cooking. It is like on TOp Chef when the troll like Jamie the scallop queen spent three episodes hiding and doing prep work in group challenges.

                              1. re: girloftheworld

                                Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! That's EXACTLY what I disliked, gotw!