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Aug 18, 2014 06:16 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Tribeca

Celebrating anniversary end next month and would love suggestions on a great restaurant in Tribeca.

Right now I'm thinking Nobu. But it seems like many people think it's overrated. Has anyone eaten here recently and can share their experience?

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  1. We just did Perry Street for our anniversary. Depends on the vibe you want, but after massages at Trump Soho, champagne on the roof and a romantic stroll, it hit the right chord. Also considered Scalini Fedeli but reviews were mixed and we cared more about food than traditionally romantic feel.

    1. Nobu 57 is adequate. Haven't been to Nobu in TriBeCa in many years. Hope it's better than its midtown location. There are so many better restaurants in the area. Highly recommend Jungsik if you prefer Asian (Korean) cuisine.

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      1. re: ellenost

        Yes! Jungsik. I was impressed and delightfully surprised by the food! Very tasty!

      2. Lots of people dump on Nobu. Its one of those places where you have to know what to order. Order well, you will have a great meal, order poorly and you will come out thinking WTF? We go a couple of times a year. Been going since they opened. Still like it.

        That said, I think you have a lot of other choices in Tribeca.

        If you want sushi, try Ichimura at Brushstroke.

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          I did some research on what to order at Nobu and it sounds like the yellowtail sashimi, rock shrimp and black cod are musts. Do you have any suggestions on what else is good?

          1. re: abs22

            abs22, I ordered all three dishes that you mentioned and I still wouldn't recommend Nobu. Those are Nobu at it's best and I still consider it a tourist trap. The rest of the menu is about what you'd get at a suburban restaurant in a 3rd tier market.

            1. re: abs22

              Rock shrimp tempura in creamy spicy sauce. Be specific.
              My other favorites are:
              Kumamoto oysters
              Uni tempura
              Wagyu beef

              All washed down with Devil Killer sake.

              I don't care for the salads or tiradito/new style sashimi.

          2. Perhaps Marc Forgione. Don't go to Nobu for a celebration. At this point it's just a solid neighborhood place to me.

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            1. re: thegforceny

              Great suggestion! I've read many positive reviews about Marc Forgione. How does American Cut compare? We both love steak

              1. re: thegforceny

                Calling Nobu a "neighborhood place" at their prices is kind of funny...

                I think Nobu, while it hasn't gone downhill or anything (although I haven't been in quite some time, so maybe) is kind of... meh, especially for the exorbitant price. I think at one point it was one of the few games in town for high-end Japanese, but it's lost its luster a bit. For the same $$$$ you could have something exquisite at Brushstroke/Ichimura, or go with Nobu's star protege Morimoto, whose namesake restaurant is still pretty solid, though one should skip the sushi/sashimi and stick with composed dishes. There was a rundown of Morimoto vs. Nobu a few years ago in this thread - - and aside from the prices having changed, probably most of what was said back then holds.

                Forgione can be really, really good, especially if you mainly stick with his justifiably-famous dishes (chili lobster, halibut "Proposal", BBQ oysters..) - the menu is going to be a bit more varied than at American Cut, obviously, and there's a steak-for-two if you do decide to go the beef route.

                I haven't been to Batard yet, the new place in the Montrachet/Corton space, but it seems to be getting some good love from diners so far. Might be worth a look.

                Other places to look at: JungSik, Bouley (of course), Atera if you're feeling adventurous.

                The Brandy Library is a great place in the neighborhood to pop into before or after dinner if you're a fan of brown liquors. Or any liquors, I suppose.

                1. re: sgordon

                  It's relative. FWIW, Tribeca is continuously on lists of the wealthiest zipcodes in the country, not just the city.

                  Nobu was one of the first Nieporent restaurants that was part of the creation of that neighborhood. To me it is a neighborhood restaurant with prices that match its demographics.

                  1. re: sgordon

                    I agree with your statement that Nobu hasn't gone downhill. I have been there recently, and the food basically is the same as always. Of course some sushi chefs are better than others. Shin-san passed away and he was their best IMO. Anyway, they were the first place with jalapeƱo yellowtail and that is a must dish there, the King crab tempura also is a good one . Although BKeats doesn't recommend the "new style sashimi" , i happen to like that dish.
                    I agree that the other Tribeca choices will be a better option. Your recommendation of Batard, seems like a good choice. I have not yet been there, but I bet it is really good. Jungsik is far better than Nobu, Bouley would surely be a good choice. Brushstroke would be my number one pick. Rosanjin would also be a very good choice. Mark Forgione, although some dishes are really good, I don't think it would be "special" enough for the occasion.

                  1. re: Sneakeater

                    +1 for Batard (since nobody else will -- even though, to me, it's one of the very best openings in NYC over the last few months).