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Tacos Leo's now on the eastside!!!

the famed Tacos Leo's truck on La Brea and Venice have recently set up shop on the corner of Glendale and Temple on the edge of Echo Park. It's not a truck but rather just a stand w/ the al pastor trompo and some flat top grills. Looks like they have the trompo out every night unlike the original location, which I believe only has it on weekend nights (I could be wrong).

Price is the same at $1/taco and the same salsa bar is offered. Tastes exactly the same.

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  1. Saw that on Garret Snyder's instagram feed a week or two ago. Didn't think to break the news here. Sorry. Gotta make a trip back (to the more westerly location).

    1. Do you have any idea of the hours they are open? Is it a night time only thing or, lunch time as well?

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          1. Not quite the eastside, that car wash is still west of dtla, but the tacos are superb...actually, everything is damn good. And their fixin's spread is better than good

            My only gripe is all that car wash high pressure overspray, doesnt it get all up in the taco?

            One other thing, does anyone know what dialect these guys speak?

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            1. re: fgrade

              I don't want to this thread to get too off tangent, but eastside doesn't mean east of downtown. Just saying...

              Amazing tacos indeed.

              1. re: TailbackU

                Actually, in my opinion, it does -- eastside means East L.A.

                Echo Park, Silver Lake, Thai Town, K-town -- all of these are individual areas. If generalizing: west of downtown.

                Anyway, that' how my initial classification works.

                1. re: TailbackU

                  Umm, actually, it does...china town is not in the south side.

                  Having been born and raised and still living in that region, we never say "east side"

                  1642 Beer & Wine half a block from the car wash, the address, 1642 "W" Temple not "E" Temple. Just saying.

                  BTW, 1642 B&W, waaaay better than the sleazy beer bar that was a couple of doors up, seriously

              2. tacos leos is good, but tacos no name on temple and westlake are better way MOTHER FUCKING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it.

                I just had this buche and them some cabesa and asada and this spot is the shit!!!!!!!

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                1. re: fgrade

                  ok, but you just compared buche/cabeza to al pastor. apples, oranges, blah blah blah.

                  1. re: TonyC

                    Hmm....so what youre saying is that all TL is good for is alpastor? cause i was copamparing tacos in general not just the aforementioned.

                    and yes, apples and oranges is right, both are fruits, both grow on trees, both have nutritional value blah blab blah

                    but alls youve got to do is check it out and let us know what you think

                    1. re: fgrade

                      so what youre saying is that all TL is good for is alpastor

                        1. re: ns1

                          now that makes a lot of sense.

                          finally, someone who gets it.

                    2. Ok drove by today on the way back from dinner and couldn't resist the urge to find out if it was really true. I used to live 10 mins away from the other Leo and have eaten there at least 30+ times. I'd say this outpost is about 95% the same, the pastor had the same flavoring and they used the same tortillas. It was missing a bit of the char, the Venice blvd one usually had about 10% of the slices with a good burnt texture which gave it a slight crunch. Though to be fair depending on the timing, I've run into that problem at the Venice one as well. Also the Pineapple slices were hit and miss, some to small, some non existent. Regardless 95% is good enough for me plus the lines were away shorter. Now if only Zam Zam would open a closer branch I really never need to head back to my old hood again.

                      1. this is very very very good. I love their asada and tripa and cabeza almost more than that sweet pastor . . .

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                        1. re: blackbookali

                          I'm going to try the cabeza next time. saw someone else order them and it looked really good.

                        2. don't get it? is it because the meat cutter theatrically slices a pineapple sliver off the top? always a line at the Venice location but the quality is average, easily duplicated and often beaten at other locations. Like El Chato. Or El Gavilan, which now has a few trucks operating.

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                          1. re: dharmathug

                            lol el chato, where they cut the al pastor off the trompo onto meat trays and then put the meat trays out of view.

                            1. re: dharmathug

                              tried el gavilan (at both the OG Alameda location and a truck), i don't see how it "often beats" Tamix or Leo's, pineapple or otherwise.

                              el guero, OTOH... is a solid alternative to Leo/Tamix.