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New to Frasier/King Ed neighbourhood - Whats good?

I just moved to the neighborhood (and Vancouver) and there are so many small restaurants its overwhelming. Where are the must eats in the area? I truly eat anything.

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  1. You happen to live very close to Earnest Ice Cream. Score!

    1. You're in a revitalizing neighborhood that is undergoing changes. As for good eats in the immediate vicinity of Fraser St corridor between Kingsway and 41st Ave, I can think of:

      Les Faux Bourgeois (who spearheaed the Fraser corridor good eats)
      Matchstick Coffee
      Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina
      Sal y Limon
      Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant (Chinese, with good dim sum)
      Pho Quyen
      Pho Cilantro
      Pizza Carano
      Grandview Szechuan
      Koon Bo Seafood Restaurant
      Madras Dosa House

      Of the above, I've not been to Madras nor Pizza Carano. I also left out a few I feel are quite average (Jethro's Fine Grub; Pho Long, Royal Fortune Szechuan) although you might find me at Pho Long once awhile > 10pm slurping down a big bowl of pho or bun vermicelli noodles. IMHO, Jethro's is quite over-rated and there are better options elsewhere.

      1. At Kingsway and Fraser, Ba Le is pretty fine for banh mi, though not quite as good as Kim Chau further east on K'way for me. Bee Kim Heng also has excellent Singapore style beef jerky to take home and snack on.

        1. I am curious to hear what y'all think of Carano. I have not been yet but heard good things.

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            As reported by the trustworthy Sherman, Carano appears to hold their own so far:


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              I've only been to Carano once, but I quite enjoyed it. I'd rate their pizza right up there, close to 2 of my other favourites, Barbarellas and Farinas. Service was great, I got served quickly, however like Farinas, I found the tall stools and communal table to be somewhat uncomfortable. Easy to find parking in the neighbourhood is another plus. Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to have to visit this place again soon.

            2. Pho Quyen is one of my favorite bowls of pho in Vancouver.

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                Wee bit heavy-handed on the sodium/MSG, but otherwise quite decent and better than Pho Long.

              2. Yes, your new hood is definitely undergoing some changes.

                In addition to what's already been mentioned, I would add Hai Phong and Green Lemongrass for Vietnamese. You are also ridiculously close to the Main & King Ed area where you can find The Fish Counter, The Acorn, and East is East.

                I've been to Carano and I would say that it's a great neighbourhood option but not worth a trek from out of the hood. I think Barberella (which is really just a hop, skip and jump from your door) does a way better job.

                A little further down Fraser there is a Venezuelan spot called Magda's that's good for when that arepa itch must be scratched.

                I've heard good things about Pink Peppercorn but I have yet to visit.


                1. I would agree that Carano is ok for a neighbourhood spot, but not as strong as several of the other pizza spots which have opened up around the city. I find the Carano pizza to have way too much corn meal for my taste and the toppings on the white sauce, sausage, fennel, fior di latte, arugula pizza I had ($15) left me craving more fennel taste and much less salt. It was unusually overly salty for me.

                  1. Oh, and other spots (some of which have been mentioned) which are worth checking out include

                    Sal y Limon (try their huarache)

                    Tung Hing (try their banh mi and their custard buns)

                    Hai Phong (almost all of their food is great, I particularly like their bun bowls)

                    Koon Bo (classic casual Cantonese - I really like their Crispy Chicken)

                    Al Watan (great Pakistani)

                    Good Choice (solid dim sum)

                    Moon Cafe (classic HK cafe - baked pork chop rice a favourite)

                    Ho Yuen Kee (classic casual Cantonese - double baked ginger custard is a lovely dessert you need to order at the start of your meal there)

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                      I may have to give Sal y Limon another chance for the huarache. Had two meh meals there a while back and gave up.

                      For the OP, check out Happy Family Dim Sum on Fraser near 26th (west side) if you like zongzi. You can get myriad fillings and have a few in your freezer for those days you don't feel like cooking but still want something tasty.

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                        Yes, give their huarache a try. I like the lamb huarache the best. Here is a photo I took of their pork one though. But I'd recommend the lamb. :)

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                        Oh my god. How could I forget Ho Yuen Kee?? I was obsessed with their Peking duck and chicken salad a few years back. Yum.

                      3. Haven't been there lately but Madras Dosa house used to be pretty tasty (should have checked their site; closed for renos apparently)
                        and there is also Dosa Corner on Fraser south of Marine Dr.

                        1. You're in the heart of many Filipino restaurants. For baked goods, especially fresh from the oven pan de sal, go to Merienda Bake Shop. I often get bbq pork skewers across the street at Golden Joy.

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                            Nice tip on the skewers from Golden Joy, els -- I've been craving them Pinoy style lately and couldn't think where to go.