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Aug 18, 2014 06:37 AM

Is Whole Food in Newtonville trying to be Wegmans?

I used to really enjoy the Newtonville location of Whole Foods. It had a neighborhood feel to it and I knew my way around the store and was always able to find interesting stuff. In the pat month they have rearranged the whole store and now it looks like a mass market supermarket. They mostly sell their own stuff and got rid of things I liked. The vitamin and beauty aisle looks just like Wegmans. I miss the community feel that WF had.

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  1. Although I haven't been in a long time, I've always liked the Newtonville location. But I'm not sure what you mean about the "community" feel. To me, it's been a long time since Whole Foods has felt like anything other than the corporate giant it is (except, perhaps, at a location like Prospect St. in Cambridge, which is a relatively small neighborhood store compared to most of the others).

    1. To me, the layout is a much better use of space, less cramped, easier to get around. I never use the vitamin and beauty aisle, so no opinions there.

      1. i like the new layout, it seems like a few of them in the area are getting make overs.
        i find it a much better use of space and im a big fan of the overpriced juice bar. sometimes, its just easier to buy it hehe.

        1. Even though it is a large chain it still had a nice neighborhood feel to it. They carry a lot less iggy's products which I loved. I also have not been able to find grillos pickles there recently. The prices also have been out of sight lately. I don't mind paying for quality but it feels like I am spending hundreds for two and a half bags worth of food. When shopping at Wegmans I come home with more food for less money and really good food too.

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            Well...which is it? If the defining feature of Wegmans is value for money and that Whole Foods location has not been providing that for you, why don't you just shop at Wegmans?