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Aug 18, 2014 06:25 AM

Mignonette - Miami

I had a great meal there.

Things that stood out in no particular order:

Oysters - I give them the edge over the Dutch (which used to be my favorite) because of more variety and I like their mignonette sauce a little better. My new go to spot for them.

Peel & Eat shrimp - must get this, far better than I expected -- incredibly sweet. One request I would have is to leave the heads on though.

Oyster's Rockefeller - Best I have had of this dish.

Lobster Roll - No mayo, drawn butter.

Kaluga Caviar - I didn't know I was that fancy. I mention it here because short of buying it yourself and prepping it, it is the cheapest place I know you can get it by a good margin.

Croissants - Lobster butter and mango -- need I say more...

Lobster devilled eggs.

Prime Rib

Their lemonade is awesome too -- not too sweet.

They have the bread pudding from blue collar there which was great and so was the lemon square.

I could not believe how much they had their stuff together during the second day opening. It was like they were open for months. I got everything I ordered very quickly after I ordered it. Service was fantastic.

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  1. Stopped in for lunch today after reading this. Fried clams, oyster loaf, and lobster roll all outstanding. Can't wait to return.

    1. I second this on all fronts. Paid my first visit for lunch Saturday, ate oysters in just about every form possible (raw, rockefeller, bienville, and oyster loaf) and everything was great. The peel & eats were excellent - wild Florida shrimp, not overcooked into pencil erasers. I'm with you on the heads-on thing, but even with that knock, these were still some of the best I've had.

      Looking forward to getting back for a dinner soon.

      Some pics here:

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        Yes, those shrimp still blew me away even without the heads. Looking at them I did not expect much but that all changed after my first bite. I will always get this dish there.

      2. Oh this is so exciting! Thanks for the report. I just booked a res there and was turning to the board to see if there were any comments yet.

        1. Stopped by for lunch today. Oysters (Kumamotos and Malpeques) were delicious, only had them with some lemon juice. Next time I'll try the sauce. Also had the Lobster roll, which was very good. The side of potatoes however needed work. Uninspiring presentation, just kinda lumped there on the plate and the taste was just meh.

          I'm looking forward to another visit.

          1. I concur. Chef Serfer has delivered a winner. I've had two outstanding meals thus far and sampled a lot of the menu. Raw Oysters, prime rib, monkfish with smoked trout roe, oysters Bienville, oysters Rockefeller, seared scallops with polenta and the sockeye salmon Crudo are highly recommended. If they have Lucky Lime Oysters order them. Oh almost forgot about the peel & eat wild Florida shrimp. Perfect dish. The turducken burger worked too. Next up for me is the lobster roll and fried clams.

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            1. re: The Chowfather

              Love the visuals on the victuals! Will have to hit this place soon!

              Ft. Pierce, FL