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Aug 18, 2014 12:00 AM

Off-strip Dining

We have dined at many of the best restaurants on the strip including Picasso, Eiffel Tower, L'Atalier, Sage, Julian Serrano, Andre's and others.
We visit Las Vegas once a year to indulge in great food.
We hear there are many fine dining venues off the strip run by great chefs.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Start with Raku and Sweets Raku, then look to Lotus of Siam, Kabuto, Chada Thai, Due Forni, Fat Choy, Naked City Pizza, Settebello, Yonaka. That should be a good start.

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    1. re: uhockey

      Wow, great list, uhockey.

      I'd add Vintner Grill, and 2 new(ish) restaurants at Red Rock (Mercadito and Hearthstone).

      1. re: flightsurg

        Hearthstone is legit. Replace Mercadito with El Dorado or El Sombrero. And I haven't heard anyone respectable mention Vintner Grill in...ages. I live 200 yards from the place and have been steered away 10+ times.

        1. re: uhockey

          We enjoy Vintner Grill.

          And oh dear, how shall I ever go on living knowing that uhockey thinks me not "respectable". Glad that at least Hearthstone met the approval of the Annointed One.

          1. re: flightsurg

            Settle down kiddo, it wasn't intended to 'insult' you, but rather to say that no one I trust has told me good things so I take any such praise as suspect.

    2. Todd's Unique, Table 34

      1. NY Times just did a recent article, 'Las Vegas, Off the Eaten Path'

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        1. re: MariaFeliz

          Yes...I read the article, thus the reason for my post. I thought locals may have other suggestions...Thanks