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Athens - Regional/ Traditional Restaurant & Food Recommendations?

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Heading from NYC/Philly to Athens with 2 foodie friends for four days at the beginning of September. Unfortunately staying in the tourist zone just west of Syntagma Square and want to escape (or find hidden gems)for meals.

Any recommendations for non-touristy, casual, traditional/somewhat traditional Greek restaurants with excellent food?

Also: Street food vendors, market food stalls?

Any help of what is GREAT RIGHT NOW in Athens would be much appreciated.

-We eat everything and have no dietary restrictions.
-We don't mind a long walk, metro ride or a taxi ride...
-Ambiance and service are less than secondary to us. Great food is essential.
-We are not interested in fine dining on this trip. We are interested in casual dining (or standing room to eat a souvlaki) only.
-Our focus is on regional/tradtional cuisine but we would not want to miss an amazing modern/innovative casual restaurant.
-Have been reading about the Cretan restaurant trend...
-Saw antman's posts from 2012 http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8709... and am wondering if any of those are still excellent.
-Would love to find a wonderful, simple seafood restaurant...could be near Piraeus or elsewhere...

I am already curious about whether these are STILL great (IF THEY EVER WERE):
-Kostas – Souvlaki - Pentelis 5, Plaka/Syntagma
-Kriti – Cretan food - Veranzerou 5, Kanigos Square
- Karavitis – Meat-focused old-school taverna - Pafsaniou 4, Pagrati
- Triantafilo tis Nostimias - Lekka 22, Downtown
- Strofi – tourist zone near Acropolis museum, touristy restaurant with allegedly good food and great view from terrace.
- Mavro Provato - Arrianou 31, Pagrati – was this ever great? Reviews are really conflicting…
- Melitotos – Kalamiotou 19, Monastiraki – did this move and go downhill?
- Yiantes – Still great? Valtetsiou 44, Exarchia – Still/ever great?

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  1. Hi Carolina, how did your trip go, and do you have any recommendations?

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    1. re: gtravels

      The trip was WONDERFUL.
      We wish we had done a few things differently in Athens food-wise but I am glad to have an excuse to go back.
      See attached pdf notes for Athens / Kokkoni Beach / Santorini recommendations.

      1. re: Carolina2

        hmmm... either I am doing something wrong, or your PDF didn't make it. Any chance you can post the Athens notes as a reply? Many thanks if you can!