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Peanut butter and jelly sandwich ice cream

My 6-year-old son's idea. So: peanut butter ice cream with jelly swirl, or jelly ice cream with peanut butter swirl? We have excellent homemade berry jam and strawberries from the garden. Chunks of brioche or poundcake? (The bread chunks may be weird but he insists on the "sandwich" part.)

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  1. Make pb and j sandwiches w/ poundcake, freeze. Cut into little bite sized pieces and add to vanilla ice cream. To me, that would be a pb and j sandwich ice cream.

    1. I would make peanut butter ice cream with a jelly swirl and crumbles of brioche that have been toasted with extra butter and sugar.

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        I second this idea; it sounds delicious, except I'd leave out the extra butter & sugar.

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          +1 to babette's suggestion - that sounds awesome.

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            There's a cinnamon toast ice cream recipe on epicurious (that I have been meaning to make for 10 years) which might provide some general guideline for the toast in ice cream concept.
            But I'd possibly make this idea into ice cream sandwiches.... Made with pound cake slices, pb ice cream and your homemade jam, perhaps?

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              This is probably what I will try. Though I love the other sandwiching tips, my son wants it all to be integrated into the ice cream. As for his marketing genius, this is his first food one. However, he mentally invents about three things a day. Since this is one of the few (only?) that I can pull off, I want to do it well! Also, he normally only will eat plain chocolate or vanilla, so it's an opportunity to get him to expand his palate.

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                I wonder about using crumbled wafers, the kind that ice cream cones are made of. They are sold flat in grocery stores handling European and Middle Eastern imports. Or maybe you could crumble sugar cone-style ice cream cones. Might be less likely to go soft in the ice cream.

                Also, a "Peanut Butter Chippy" ice cream flavor is sold by Leopold's legendary ice cream parlor in Savannah GA. Maybe some Savannah CH can enlighten us on what the chips are made of.

              2. Make Peanut Butter ice cream.

                Serve it on a slice of toasted pound cake.

                Drizzle the entire thing with berry jam and chunks of strawberry.

                Then invite me over.

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                  Given that a 6 year old is thinking about this ice cream, I don't see your idea really exciting him. How can you eat in in an ice cream cone while running around and playing? :)

                  Sounds darn tasty though!

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                    Why would you assume all 6-year olds eat ice cream in a "cone while running around and playing"?

                2. Pb ice cream, with jam swirl, sandwiched into thin slices of toasted brioche. Have some napkins near by...

                  1. Peanut butter cookies with vanilla swirled with jam. Lucky kid.

                    1. President's Choice (Canadian Company) has Ice Cream Shop Flavours in PB & J too!

                      Looks like your 6 year old may be a marketing food genius one day!

                      You should serve your homemade ice cream between two "cookies" (Peanut butter?) as the bread!

                      1. Your son's idea is excellent. However, I'm leaning in the direction of strawberry ice cream with a peanut swirl. I also like babette feast's toasted brioche idea and I would mix that into the peanut butter before swirling.

                        1. With either version - PB ice cream or jelly ice cream - you're going to need to make some adjustments to your usual recipe (unless you have existing nut butter or fruit ice cream recipes). Peanut butter adds a lot of fat and solids (pb is about 50% fat), so I would recommend cutting down on the milk fat - use more milk and less heavy cream than usual, maybe even all milk. If you decide to add jam to ice cream base in a way that it gets thoroughly mixed in, you would want to decrease the sugar by the amount that is in the jam so the ice cream doesn't end up too soft (less of an issue if it is a swirl).

                          Have fun!

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                            I once made peanut butter ice cream (David Lebowitz recipe I believe) for a similarly themed dessert (concord grape pie served with pb ice cream -it was awesome). I accidentally put WAY too much pb in the mix. I then tried to remove some, but probably ended up with slightly less than double what the recipe called for, then I think I threw in some extra sugar to compensate a bit (but not nearly doubling the sugar). This high PB content base made a very rich and peanut buttery ice cream that wasn't too sweet - something to consider if adding jam and sweet bread elements. It might be too rich for a young kid though. Anyway, extra pb or not, I like the recipe because it doesn't require making a custard. It is included at the bottom of this blog post (disregard the chocolate covered nuts):
                            Now I'm thinking I need to get my ice cream maker out for local grape season coming up... not a dessert I need to make very often but so satisfying in small quantities!

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                              I'm going to give this one a try. His recipes work out well for me, and it looks so easy.

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                              PB2 would work for the taste but no fat. I prefer dollops of peanut butter in my ice cream. I have never found a peanut butter ice cream that is strong enough in pb taste.

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                                Interesting, I had not known about PB2. Good idea!

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                                  I added PB2 to cooked flour frosting (basically, I subbed it in for the flour part). I often find "peanut butter" flavored desserts are no where near PB-y enough for me, and I thought that would be a way to really kick it into high gear. I was pretty disappointed though as the PB taste was quite faint. I would try it again, but would whip real, full fat PB in at the end as well. The PB2 alone was not enough. In hindsight I should have realized that would be the case, but hey, that's why we experiment, you know?

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                                    Yes, I do both. I love pb flavor and can't get enough of it.

                            3. Okay, done. I made the David Lebowitz peanut butter ice cream recipe without the added peanuts. I swirled in jam I made from strawberries and blackberries from my backyard, and small cubes of brioche sauteed with butter and a little sugar.

                              My son didn't like it because it had chunks in it. That kid. Jeez. HE INVENTED IT.

                              I, however, think it is very good.

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