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Aug 17, 2014 04:57 PM

Hong Kong Advice

Hello all. I will be in Hong Kong for three days in September. I have been a few times before, though this time I will be traveling solo, which, I have found, is limiting in terms of dim sum and Chinese food in general. I would like to have mostly Chinese food, probably mostly Cantonese. I appreciate your thoughts and comments and suggestions for alternatives on my current plan.

Dinner day 1: I am currently reserved at Cafe Gray Deluxe, but I think I am changing this. I was thinking it might be nice to keep it easy and eat in my hotel the day I arrive after a long flight from the States, but I think I'd rather go out for Chinese food, rather than have a meal I can have anywhere in the world. So I am planning on replacing this with Yan Toh Heen at The Intercontinental, which I have fond memories of from the past, when it was The Regent. I am also considering Man Wah at The Mandarin Oriental; how do they compare?

Lunch day 2: Tin Lung Heen at the Ritz Carlton. Had a very nice dim sum lunch here two years ago, and I want to repeat. Pretty incredible spot, and very good food.

Dinner day 2: The Chairman. Looking for a good, classic Cantonese experience. Incidentally, I tried Fook Lam Moon on my last trip, and I did not like it all; decent food, overpriced with bad service. Is The Chairman a similar experience to FLM?

Lunch day 2: Open. Suggestions?

Dinner day 3: I am choosing between Above and Beyond and Hutong, leaning towards Hutong. Any thoughts or advice comparing the two places? How does their atmosphere/ clientele compare. Also, I am staying in Central; are there any places in Central you would recommend so I do not have to go back to Kowloon again, as I seem to be going there every day. My hotel also recommended Duddell's, at Shanghai Tang, which I know nothing about, but looks interesting.

Thank you.

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  1. Duddell's is OK, nice space and terrace, and the food is OK, but nothing to write about. If you are looking for that kind of high-end gweilo-friendly experience, China Tang or Mott 88 are probably better bets, food-wise.

    Hutong is for tourists. Outstanding view, but the food, except for a couple of items, is not worth the elevator ride. Above and Beyond is pretty good, although as part of a training hotel/restaurant complex, can be inconsistent.

    1. As uncle has said Duddells is so so, Mott 32 is a bit better (same owners?) and China Tang quite nice and better than you would as David Tang likes his food. Mott 32 is wealthy, trendy, and skinny. China Tang is a bit more staid but still monied.

      Agree about Cafe Grey - its good for safe international food, but I would head out. Are you staying at the Upper House? If so the MTR connections are good to Kowloon and the tram is great for Central. Man Wah is going to be more convenient (you could easily walk).

      I think the Chairman is like chalk and cheese compared to FLM. I also was underwhelmed by FLM but love the Chairman, its one of the few Cantonese places that will do smaller portions and will do a set menu - book early as it is small.

      Above and Beyond is good (or was when I last went) and I like the food better than Hutong. Hutong is very touristy, some decent food, but its highly geared to the visitor market and a bit of a production line (I believe they also have spend thresholds for window tables).

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      1. re: PhilD

        Thanks for the help. Yes, I'm staying at The Upper House, which I'm looking forward to; very familiar with the location as I've stayed at The Shangri La a few times.

        Glad to hear The Chairman is good; I've already booked it. Also thanks for Mott 32 and China Tang; maybe I will try one of them after doing a little more research.

        Any more thoughts on Man Wah, Yan Toh Heen, and Above and Beyond if I were to choose one out of the three? I have been to both MW and YTH in the past, and preferred YTH, and the Kowloon side view is pretty sweet.

        Thank you.

        1. re: fishskis

          Of those three, I'd go for YTH or Man Wah over Above and Beyond, but I am sure others would disagree. Also Above and Beyond is out in the yonder boonies of East Kowloon so kind of a PITA to get to. Man Wah and YTH much easier, with Man Wah the easiest from Admiralty. If the weather is nice, it's a 10-15 minute walk.

        2. re: PhilD

          Are you sure Chairman offers set menu for a single diner? I thought they require more than 5 or 6 people to serve set menus. I was going to advise going there as a single diner since some of their best dishes like the crab in yellow wine is just too big.

          1. re: HKTraveler

            You are right - the website says minimum 4.

            That said we went as a couple and they were very accommodating about putting a menu together of their signature dishes and were very happy to serve half portions of many of them.

            I found them very flexible and imagine they will accommodate a single diner pretty well esp compared to most other Cantonese places in town.

            1. re: PhilD

              As usual, you are correct. My hotel was nice enough to check with them, and they are flexible, and will offer half portions on most items; this is what Lung King Heen did when I dined there.

              1. re: fishskis

                The Upper House is a good hotel - the rooms are very luxurious in a modernist way. Don't miss the Cafe Gray bar it is good for a pre or post dinner cocktail, and IMO is slightly underrated for the quality of their drinks (its quite a scene). Their bar snacks are also quite enjoyable if you are ever starving.

              2. re: PhilD

                Thanks, that is good to know. Am heading there again in two weeks and it is one of my fav in town

          2. I always recommend Ming Court at Langham Place in Mong Kok for a good dimsum lunch. It is in Kowloon, but going from Central you can get there in under half an hour, there is an exit directly from the MTR.

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