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Aug 17, 2014 04:11 PM

Birthday Dinner Old San Juan

I am looking for recommendations for a special birthday dinner in Old San Juan. We are adventurous and it will be our first time in Puerto Rico so are looking forward to trying some local cuisine. Would be looking for recs with entrees in the $30ish range.

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  1. For authentic local cuisine in Old San Juan, I would definitely recommend El Jibarito.

    1. Jibarito is good, but ambience is a little lacking. Try El Patio de Sam or El Picoteo in Hotel El Convento. Not sure of price points, so check. Also, Dragonfly. Have fun!

      1. hhodgdon, you don't mention when you are going, so hopefully this post is not too late to be helpful.

        Maybe Carli's? Ambience. Live music. You could purchase a CD as a memento of your first time in PR and the special birthday (ask Carli to sign and personalize it). Ambience is better than the food. That said, we've been many times and always enjoyed our meals there.

        El Convento (former convent, now a hotel with a lovely courtyard) ambience is better than their food.

        My last trip report (long!):

        I hope you love PR as much as we do.