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Aug 17, 2014 02:27 PM

Romantic dinner between backbay and the theatre district

I am looking for a site to have a romantic dinner before we go to the theatre in boston next weekend. We will be staying at a a hotel in back bay. Looking for something that's not a chain, suitable for all palates (I'm more adventurous, the boyfriend not so much). Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bistro du Midi, Erbaluce, Sorrelina and Teatro all come to mind. Each has something to offer so I suggest you check out their menus.

    1. Any thoughts on Deuxave? It it astronomically expensive?

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        1. re: mbaer2007

          It has its fans on the board, try a search

        2. Where in Back Bay are you staying? Depending on which end of the neighborhood your hotel is located, it may open up additional options.

          In Back Bay itself you could look into L'Espalier, Asta and Deuxave. In the theater district is Ostra. Near the Common you could also include No.9 Park and Troquet in addition to the options already mentioned by Teezeetoo.

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            I love L'Espalier and Asta but I hesitate to recommend them for a pre-theater dinner. I usually spend at least two hours over dinner at each of them, sometimes more. Deuxave might work and is not, in my view astronomically expensive though it isn't a cheap night out. I love Troquet's wine list and like their food but not nearly as well as their wine list. Haven't been to No 9 in a while but it was always good when I did go. Might do the bar there as pre-theater?

          2. I'd definitely suggest Erbaluce. They generally have simple meats and pasta dishes on the menu (my boyfriend isn't an adventurous eater either) but I've always found delicious options as well. Very convenient, too.