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Restaurant Week Starts Tonight

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I have seven reservations the next two weeks. Tonight it's Back Bay Harry's in the Back Bay

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of RW meals. Where else do you have reservations?

    1. Also, let us know how those meals were!

      1. Not Back Bay Harry's in the South End? ;~)

        Good luck with all your meals, let us know which were good/great/or indifferent.

        1. At Back Bay Harry's I had the cast iron baked figs. It was good but I didn't care for the bread that came with it. I ate it without the bread. I'd order that again. Main course was the fried chicken which came with cinnamon doughnuts. It sounds odd but if you think about it it's not that different from waffles and fried chicken. Meh, the chicken was overcooked in some places and the doughnuts weren't that great. I wouldn't order that again. For dessert I had the coconut cream tart. That was good, I'd order it again. Couldn't finish it though, too big.

          Tonight it's a four course meal at P.F. Chang's :) which is soon so I have to get dressed

          1. P.F. Chang's
            Egg drop soup and pork dumplings. Good, I'd get them again

            Ahi, was a lot thicker than I'm used to. I wouldn't get it again, although the greens were very good

            Chocolate raspberry wonton. That was very good, I'd recommend it.

            The score so far. Best appetizer baked figs at Back Bay Harry's. Best entree fried chicken at Back Bay Harry's. Best dessert chocolate raspberry wonton at P.F. Chang's

            coming up, the Merchant, Beat Hotel, Row 34, Chart House, and Commonwealth

            1. The Merchant
              Corn bisque. Good, I'd order it again
              Mushroom risotto, wasn't impressed. Was looking forward to it too cause it sounded good
              Elderflower panna cotta, that was very good. I didn't see any flowers though, I had forgotten about the flowers

              Score so far
              Appetizer, figs at Back Bay Harry's
              Entree, fried chicken at Back Bay Harry's
              Dessert, chocolate raspberry wonton at P.F. Chang's

              No RW tomorrow or Thursday but I am going to the MFA tomorrow so I'll still be eating out. Friday it's the Beat Hotel, Monday Row 34 for lunch, next Wednesday it's the Chart House whose menu isn't online. I always go to at least one place that doesn't have their menu online so it'll be a surprise. Then next Friday it's Commonwealth and that's it for RW 2014

              1. MMMjv thanks for reporting in - I am really enjoying your reviews! You've picked an interesting mix of restaurants!

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                  Glad to hear that :)

                  No RW yesterday but I did go to the Boston MFA where I saw the Magna Carta, off topic here but that was really cool. I never thought I'd ever see that thing. I ate at the New American Cafe, I always eat there when I go, and had a very nice goat cheese and salami pizza. The crust was done perfectly except a small part on the edge was burnt but other than that I ate the crust which I often leave. When I got out I went to Five Guys for the first time, very good cheeseburgers. I'd go back there.

                2. My husband and I went to Boston Chops for RW on Monday night and had a very nice night. We started with oxtail croquettes and Caesar salad, both excellent. I had prime skirt steak and he had choice club sirloin, both cooked perfectly med-rare. The frites were crispy and the arugula side was well-dressed and delicious. Desserts were creme brûlée and sticky toffee pudding. We were quite full but managed to pack away a few bites.

                  Service was quite good and we would definitely go back.

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                    Boston Chops is one of my favorite RW meals. We aren't doing it this year, but I do like it there very much (especially those yummy popovers!).

                    1. intrepid dining for sure, but am curious why you're bothering with giant moderately-priced chains like pf chang's and chart house? neither of which are known to have anything but adequate food?

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                        P.F. Chang's because the online menu looked good. I didn't know the Chart House was a chain. I chose that one because it didn't have it's menu online (it does now) and I like to go to one place and be surprised.

                      2. Beat Hotel
                        I walk in and there's nobody to greet me or take me to a table. I'm standing there waiting, I can see employees but they're not moving and they can clearly see me so I figure you're supposed to seat yourself so I do. Then a waitress comes over and asks if I have a reservation. Don't places that require a reservation usually have somebody to greet you when you walk in? Or at least come over after you walk in? She did come back though and said she had a table for me nearer the stage. I didn't know there was going to be entertainment. It was a jazz trio

                        Summer lettuces, good
                        Skirt steak, good but a bit stringy. The steak fries were very good
                        For dessert I had the chocolate mousse, that was good

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                          How funny - usually when I walk in, there are at least three people standing at the hostess stand, which I found remarkable in the other direction.

                        2. Sorry for the delay. My brother came home, my niece got married, and I lost the internet. I also cancelled the last two restaurants cause too busy

                          Row 34
                          Lobster tacos, which I notice now aren't on the online menu. They were good, I'd get them again
                          grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, nothing special
                          Berries with whipped cream, nothing special.

                          Restaurant Week doesn't seem to be what it used to. There were no dishes this time that really stood out.

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                            Agreed, especially since they changed to the new Dine out Menu as it essentially increases the price points to $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner.

                            A suggestion I would have for you is next time to be more selective about your meals. Large chains such as PF Chang's might be skipped over next time. Try going to the real expensive restaurants that still put out a good menu. Some places I've always liked for RW are:
                            Capital Grill
                            Kitchen/Marliave/Grotto (This same restaurant group puts out almost the full menu. Even better value for lunch.)

                            Anyone else have any good perennial RW restaurants?

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                              We went to Toro once (when they did dinner) and enjoyed it. Others have suggested Mistral and No. 9 Park to me - not sure if they participated this year.

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                                No. 9 Park. Didn't go on restaurant week but had one of my best meals ever there (and by far most expensive) The 6 course tasting menu, to which I added the prune stuffed gnocchi, foie gras, and cheese courses which cost extra and I also got a non alcoholic pairing. You have GOT to try their prune stuffed gnocchi

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                                I have gone to Meritage, Capital Grill, and Grotto before and they are very good. I usually don't like it when the entire menu is available because then they didn't make anything special for restaurant week but Grotto was an exception. And at Meritage I had one of those dishes that really stood out. Salmon filets. A very small serving, you could even say tiny. Why is it that so many outstanding dishes are so small. There were about 4 or 5 filets and each one was about the size of a silver dollar but my God they were delicious

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                                Grilled cheese sandwich at Row 34?