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Aug 17, 2014 12:30 PM

Restaurant Week Starts Tonight

I have seven reservations the next two weeks. Tonight it's Back Bay Harry's in the Back Bay

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of RW meals. Where else do you have reservations?

    1. Also, let us know how those meals were!

      1. Not Back Bay Harry's in the South End? ;~)

        Good luck with all your meals, let us know which were good/great/or indifferent.

        1. At Back Bay Harry's I had the cast iron baked figs. It was good but I didn't care for the bread that came with it. I ate it without the bread. I'd order that again. Main course was the fried chicken which came with cinnamon doughnuts. It sounds odd but if you think about it it's not that different from waffles and fried chicken. Meh, the chicken was overcooked in some places and the doughnuts weren't that great. I wouldn't order that again. For dessert I had the coconut cream tart. That was good, I'd order it again. Couldn't finish it though, too big.

          Tonight it's a four course meal at P.F. Chang's :) which is soon so I have to get dressed

          1. P.F. Chang's
            Egg drop soup and pork dumplings. Good, I'd get them again

            Ahi, was a lot thicker than I'm used to. I wouldn't get it again, although the greens were very good

            Chocolate raspberry wonton. That was very good, I'd recommend it.

            The score so far. Best appetizer baked figs at Back Bay Harry's. Best entree fried chicken at Back Bay Harry's. Best dessert chocolate raspberry wonton at P.F. Chang's

            coming up, the Merchant, Beat Hotel, Row 34, Chart House, and Commonwealth