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Aug 16, 2014 11:22 PM


I visit Japan infrequently, but lurk on the Japan boards a fair amount, and have been watching the discussions of weeks past with some amusement.

Since people seem to be tired of the same old, how about this topic - gyoza! I'll be back in Tokyo towards the end of the year - where should I go to get some gyoza? Are there different styles? I admit to only being familiar with the hard-seared, crispy-bottomed sort. Do you have a favourite hole-in-the-wall? Enlighten me (and your fellow CHers)! :)

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  1. I've got just the thing for you:

    Other than that, the most popular form by far is the yaki gyoza/jiaozi that you're familiar with, but there are variations in preparation (steamed, boiled, tetsunabe), presentation, fillings, etc. with some interesting takes like mochi gyoza, gyoza filled with mentaiko, etc. as well as the version at white gyoza. There's also a gyoza stadium unless it already closed.

    I don't think of gyoza as something to travel for, so I just get them at the pub, where they make their own filling. Not a terrific version, but it works when needed.

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    1. re: Gargle

      One of my coworkers used to bring me gyoza from White/Fight Gyoza every other year or so on New Years Day. Not sure why that day. Boy they were good.

      I can't say there's a *huge* number of gyoza-only places, there are a few standouts and a couple chains, a lot of places with good gyoza are going to be ramen shops or long-time-standing Chinese places. or hole in the wall places.

      Gyoza no New York has a bunch of branches
      Gyoza no Ohsho - downmarket but at 11 at night you'll appreciate it、I think there's one in Shimbashi
      Sosan no Mise (my rec) in Yoyogi, go there after schlepping around Shinjuku, it won't be crowded
      IchiBanya in Jiyugaoka (get the miso bean sprouts too
      )Chomoranma in Ebisu (don't go at lunch)
      Xi'an in Shinjuku (one of the best toushoumen also)

      1. re: kamiosaki

        By the way, there's another Xi'an in Akihabara atop the Yodobashi Camera. (And several more branches around town.)

        They do good noodles too. And lamb dishes.

        1. re: Robb S

          I love White Gyoza too.
          I usually go Okei (おけ以) in Iidabashi for lunch.

          1. re: irukaunyu

            Today, I went to Okei and had Gyoza.

            1. re: irukaunyu

              "Today, I went to Okei and had Gyoza"

              Was it okei?

              1. re: Robb S

                Robb S,

                Yes, that's Okei.
                Please refer the url above.

                1. re: Robb S

                  Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood your comment.
                  Okei's Gyoza is very nice.
                  The size is a bit bigger than the normal size.
                  And it has nice Pari-Pari wing.
                  Chopped Chinese cabbage (maybe) makes its texture better.
                  I usually eat the Gyoza with soy-source and ra-yu.
                  At lunch time, they serve Gyoza Set (gyoza, rice, soup).

                  1. re: irukaunyu

                    Thanks for the report! (And sorry for the bad pun, I just couldn't resist....)

          2. re: kamiosaki

            I went to Fight Gyoza in Nishi-Sugamo.
            The gyoza is unique.
            It has a round shape and not only baked but also fried.
            You will enjoy the texture of a bit thick wrap.
            I ordered Gyoza Set(15 gyozas, rice, miso-soup).
            Someone ordered 20 gyozas and beer. That's perfect!
            Fight Gyoza is just one minute from Toden-Arakawa line Koushin-zuka station.
            Or 15 minutes on foot from JR Sugamo station through Sugamo Jizo-dori Shopping District.

            1. re: irukaunyu

              Sweet Paozu since 1936.
              They serve Yaki-Gyoza, Sui-Gyoza and Paozu.
              I usually order Sui-Gyoza with rice and miso-soup.
              The ghoza include no leek(nira), no garlic.
              So it's foul breath free.


        2. If gyoza is your thing, you should be looking to visit Tochigi prefecture, specifically Utsunomiya city, the gyoza capital of Japan.

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          1. re: E Eto

            Utsunomiya looks amazing, but I don't think we'll have the time to make it out there. The first time I was in Japan, we did walk through the gyoza stadium place (I believe it was in Ikebukuro somewhere?) Unfortunately, we passed up gyoza for the crazy wall of ice cream. I still regret eating that tako ice cream...

            I guess I'll try to hunt for gyoza, although I'll be staying at Toranomon Hills for the first time, which seems like quite a sterile area

            1. re: shouzen

              Minmin, part of a chain, has fairly good gyoza, and is just around the corner from Toranomon Hills. Well, within 2 or three minutes walk.


              1. re: Hiyodori

                Oh and Gyoza Lou in Harajuku. Can't believe I forgot that. It will be in all the guide books tho.

                1. re: kamiosaki

                  Gyoza Lou also has a convenient new Tokyo Station branch, in Tokyo Gran Roof B1F.

                2. re: Hiyodori

                  Plus excellent chahan and karaage! I miss minmin. And gyoza no ohsho too!

            2. Gyoza Stadium is located within Namjatown, an indoor theme park in Sunshine City Ikebukuro. You pay a basic admission to Namjatown, which is not expensive. About a dozen reknowned gyoza vendors from throughout Japan. They have really good stuff, and I particularly liked the shredded garlic gyoza. Make sure to really take your time and peruse all the offerings as the signage can be confusing. This is definitely worth a trip.


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              1. re: Steve

                Agreed. We had a great time sampling a great variety of gyoza. And, yes, the garlic gyoza were our favorites as well - although I also liked the black-skinned charcoal gyoza.

                1. re: BaronDestructo

                  Ooh, those do sound good. I'll have to look for a photo and eat vicariously.

                2. re: Steve

                  Just make sure if you go to Namjatown, you also go to the dessert area. One place has all kinds of crazy Japanese ice cream flavors (think "miso ramen" or "parmesan cheese"), and a sampler platter where you can try a bunch. My wife picked out 2 different samplers and then my kids and I tried to guess the flavors blind. Not the best ice cream to be sure, but a fun and quintessentially Japanese food experience.

                  1. re: jmarek

                    Oh is that still there? The last time I was in Namjatown, we sampled the octopus ice cream. It was probably one of the worst things I've eaten in my life - 6 years on, the scars remain.

                3. The gyoza at Tenryu in Ginza is pretty good, not sure if it warrants the lines. The rest of the menu is pretty mediocre.

                  1. I just noticed a new place called Tiger Gyoza Hall opened in Udagawacho. Gyoza fans may want to check it out.