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Aug 16, 2014 07:39 PM

Wild Alaskan Canned Salmon in Toronto

Hey does anybody know where I could find Wild Alaskan Salmon canned in Toronto? Haven't had any trouble finding Pacific or Atlantic but Alaskan has been elusive.


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  1. Clover Leaf Sockeye (Wild Red Pacific) is caught near Alaska and canned in the state, even though it is owned by Connors of New Brunswick. Here is useful background page on the plant that produces ClOver Leaf and Bumble Bee salmon.

    1. Whole Food's 365 brand carries canned wild alaskan salmon. Boneless skinless, just under $5. I have used them for salmon cakes and they work just fine.

      1. This is very timely - I was trying to stock up on salmon and tuna yesterday and could only find products of Thailand. There was an expose in the UK press last month about labour practices in the Thai fishing industry

        Anyway good to know about the Clover Leaf, they only had flavoured cans in the store I was in but I'll keep an eye out elsewhere.