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Aug 16, 2014 07:16 PM

Seedless Blueberry Pie?

My husband has many dietary issues. He can't have seeds or skins. The thing he misses most in the world is a warm Blueberry pie.

i have tried a couple of experiments with Tapioca and gelatin, which turned out too thick and rubbery.

Can anyone help me create a recipe for a basically berry-less Warm Blueberry Pie?

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  1. Hmmm...the only thing that occurs to me (and being a blueberry fiend, I can imagine how blueberry-deprived your husband is feeling) is to make some Jam Tarts with Seedless Blueberry Jam. I haven't seen such jam on supermarket shelves (but then, of course, I haven't been looking for it). However, I have heard of its existence, both online and in Amish markets.

    1. Trader Joes has carried blueberry juice though I don't know if they still do. That would be easier than pressing and sieving your own. They also have freeze-dried blueberries. Not knowing the details, I have no idea if he can eat them that way. I've been thinking about the possibilities of grinding f/d fruits into powders in order to use them to make thin, crisp cookies.

      You could make a blueberry custard subbing blueberry juice for half the cream in a custard pie recipe, or using powdered f/d berries with a standard custard mixture.

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        I'm thinking that starting with blueberry juice and then reducing it by a third or so and then using for a custard style pie would get both an intense blueberry flavor and the stability of the yolks to have the thick filling the OP wants....

      2. Make seedless blueberries using blueberry juice.

        Start by blending some calcium chloride and blueberry juice (either canned or fresh). Then mix some alginate into water and allow the mixture to sit overnight to remove air bubbles. Then gently drop the calcium chloride/blueberry juice mixture into the alginate and water. Voila, seedless blueberry spheres.

        Now proceed to make pie with those seedless blueberry spheres.