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Aug 16, 2014 06:01 PM

New England Chinese Polynesian Duck Sauce and Food more of a cult following?

I am doing research on New England style chinese polynesian restaurants. Seems like im finding a lot of loyal followers wanting New England style duck sauce but can't find it because most of these style of restaurants have gone the day of the dodo. I must admit I live in NYC now and could be called a foodie here but isn't chinese polynesian stuff just so deep fried and coated with dark gravy sauce and msg that a majority of people with a sense of taste and culture wouldn't bother eating it? There are no polynesian chinese food here just your typical fast food chinese joints. Usually gross and not appetizing. I keep reading about lobster sauce and amazing egg rolls that can't compare to other parts of USA. Seems gross to me. That is why I figure its more of a cult following then general acceptance for lets say generic Mexican food or Thai Food. Would people buy this duck sauce off the shelves if it was offered? Seems like a secret recipe. I'd love a list of local New England joints that still serve it to taste it if they are still around. Seems like people really miss the kitch chinese polynesian cuisine particularly from New England. I would love to hear thoughts from people that love this stuff and who hate it.

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  1. Can you describe the duck sauce?
    If you want to try old, 1960's style Polynesian/American near NYC (kitschy deco, rice served family style on raised ss plates, hula dancers on weekend nights, angry old Asian waiters in Hawaiian shirts, etc.), take a ride through the Lincoln tunnel to Lyndhurst, NJ and eat at Lee's Hawaiian Islander. I'm not a big fan of the joint, but a lot of people I know love it and it has an almost cult following.
    Now, IMO, drinks are great (do yourself a favor and get a Mai Tai or Hurricane or three - THE best in the tri-state area), and so is the ubiquitous pot of Chinese black tea, but the appys are greasy and the food average. Well, unless you order a chef's special and the good chef is in that night. Their Steak Kew is outstanding, but again, it's hit and miss depending on the chef and the turnover.
    Good luck.

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