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Aug 16, 2014 04:46 PM

Galveston brunch

What's the current best brunch in Galveston?
Farley Girls?
Number 13?

We've already been to Mosquito.

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  1. have you ever tried brunch at the Hotel Galvez? they serve in the grill and restaurant Barnados(sp?) both amazing

    1. I second Galvez buffet brunch for a fun festive feast for the eyes. Reservations necessary.

      Porch Cafe is also getting a lot of good word of mouth and they offer a brunch menu.

      Personally I didn't enjoy M&M for brunch, more because of the environment than the food. It is a bar and smells and feels like a bar. Which is fine if you are looking for a bar, but for a sunny brunch outing it felt wrong.

      1. Here's the Houston Press take on it. While they didn't mention the Galvez, it was mentioned in the comments.

        1. The Galvez had a bitchin' happy hour in the late 80's in that front room overlooking the Gulf. We're talking prime rib and boiled shrimp. This was back in my tool selling days and I had to shepherd a guy from the home office in Wisconsin to NASA for a week. He saw the rockets outside NASA and wanted to know if they launched them from "NASSAU." Being a Yankee he wanted to go to Gilley's so I rolled my eyes and took him. This was after the bloom was off and there were maybe six people in that cavernous place. Anyway, I told him the Galvez was the place and we rounded out the evening at the Poop Deck Club on the Seawall, which is mesmerizing at night by the way, especially on a full moon. There were no more mentions of Gilley's.

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            A bit of an edit, we spent every night for the rest of the week at the Galvez/Poop Deck. Wisconsin guy enjoyed a few pops or more.

          2. Farley Girls is where we ended! My Eggs Benedict was success. Hubby got the waffle and Chicken Schnitzel was superb. The staff was very friendly. Parking was simple. All around a recommend for brunch.

            We need to get to Galveston more often!

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            1. re: Texasproud

              Chicken Schnitzel, yum. If in Houston, try the breaded pork cutlet at Polonia in Spring Branch, better than the veal and less $$$.