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Aug 16, 2014 03:27 PM

Humble Coffee - ABQ

As I was driving toward downtown on Lomas today I spotted a new coffee shop, Humble Coffee, on Lomas between Morningside and Washington (a couple blocks from Hurricane's Cafe). Apparently they are currently doing a soft launch. It's been there about 2 weeks and they'll do a grand opening soon in a few weeks. The hours right now are generally 8ish to the mid-Afternoon, though they hope to expand hours as they increase their staff size.

Forgot to take pictures, but it's a nice, modern place. Exposed wood, engineered wood tables, vintage 1943 classroom map of the world - something that would be more common in Portland or Denver.

Anyway, to their coffee - the owner, if I remember correctly, said that they currently use Allegro Coffee though they hope to roast their own sometime in the future. They also do a cold brew that'd brewed for 2 days. I got the cold brew, which I really liked. I haven't been to Michael Thomas, but it's the best I've had so far, beating Espresso Fino, the Brew, and of course the big local and national chains of Starbucks and Satellite.

Apparently the building also has a drive through window and they'll check out the coding and see if they could even do drive through service.

Nice to spot this coffee shop - and even if they weren't that great, it's still nice to have a coffee shop there given that the area between Nob Hill and the mid-Heights north of I-40 seems to be underserved by coffee houses.

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  1. That's my son's place. Neat surroundings and the cold coffee is great.....

    1. I'm so glad that you found us! (You were one of the first!) And I'm very pleased to hear that you found our cold brew to be the best in town that you have had. So, here's an update.

      We are still sourcing some coffee from Allegro (because it is hard to match their quality) and we are also serving locally roasted beans from a local ABQ contractor that is roasting beans to our specifications. We've also expanded our hours to 6-4 on weekdays and 8-3 on weekends. Things are going great - we love this neighborhood! Say hi next time you are in!
      Mark Baker,
      Humble Coffee Company

      1. FYI, they are now sourcing from Prosum, which is great! Just had a really nice El Salvadorean pour over yesterday morning.