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Aug 16, 2014 03:26 PM

The font is huge here

Why is the font all of the sudden so big at this site?

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  1. There's been a recent design change affecting many areas of the site. Some platforms and devices are displaying certain elements differently. You might post what you're using and a screenshot of a page where you're seeing this large font problem, to help Chow staff figure it out for you.

    1. Android devices are viewing in their largest format possible. Also, I am unable to log in from a work computer (although, that might be due to our firewall and/or policies/timeouts.

      1. What are you using?

        The mobile format when viewed on a tablet is large. It helps to view it in the narrowest orientation. Also try to set the browser to request the 'desktop' version.

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          1. re: ErnieA

            The mobile version is tailored for a much small screen, a phone.

            1. re: paulj

              I am not using a mobile version. My Kindle fire does not have built in wifi. Before the site change I had no problem with the size of the font on this device.

              1. re: ErnieA

                In the browser 'settings' menu, is there an entry: 'Request desktop site'?

                Also what browser are you using? Chrome or the default Android 'Browser'?

                I have an Android tablet, but am not familiar with Kindle's version.

        1. Paulj, Unfortunately I cant reply to you from your post. Another glitch...My browser is Amazon silk. Never had a problem wit any other site,link,etc. I could change my browser and hope that it helps to use this site. But I am happy with what I have

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          1. re: ErnieA

            I started having problems with my kindle fire too, shortly after the new changes here. As suggested here I changed the settings to desktop view but it is not in the settings area of the silk browser. I have no idea what the thing I hit is called. It is what you hit to add a bookmark. It looks like what you hit to get to the settings menu for silk (top left, three lines) except it is in a box, sort of. It is on the right hand side below the star and search symbol or it is on the bottom depending on how you hold your kindle. When you press it you will see the following options:

            Share page
            Add bookmark
            Find in page
            Request another view

            Hit Request another view and you should see the desktop option. I hope this helps.

          2. Sampanther! Thank you. Your instructions worked ;) Now if I could just figure out how to get out of this little yellow reply box..heh