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Aug 16, 2014 02:55 PM

AYCE Salad Bars

Are there any AYCE Salad Bars still functioning in Toronto?

Please inform me!!!!!!

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  1. I haven't seen a stand-alone salad bar in Toronto in years, if not decades. The classic salad bar that I recall was usually part of the menu of a mid-level steak house, in which the price of the main course allowed you to attack the salad bar as often as you wanted. Sometimes, it was a soup-and-salad bar. The closest you can get to it now, I suspect, is a flat-price Chinese buffet, like Dragon Pearl, on York Mills Rd. east of Leslie St., which has a respectable salad bar station, along with the usual stations for soups, roast beef, Chinese-style entrees and other Asian specialties. Its salad bar is, in my view, slightly more interesting than that of the Mandarin group of buffet restaurants. I'd also be intrigued to learn if there's a classic salad bar still operating around town.

    1. Here is one I found:


      It says: Price for just salad bar on all night's is $35. But it's $40 for the full deal with meat.

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