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Aug 16, 2014 02:34 PM


Opening soon sign in the spot where Pastis use to be.

No idea what the menu will be like but I am curious. Looks like they gave the room a little makeover too.

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  1. After further investigation it seems they are moving from their current location in Yorkville.

    Still don't know anything else about them....never heard of the place.


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      There is plenty of stuff out there -- just spell it correctly --


    2. Millygirl - Sorrel used to be in the lower level of a building in Yorkville beneath a hair salon but the place burned down due to that really bad fire back in January this year. So bad and unfortunate that though they were listed for winterlicious, they weren't obviously able to participate as a result of that fire and had been closed since then.

      I've eaten there in the past - a cute French Mediterranean place with beautiful decor, and really reasonable prices for the Yorkville area. Food was pretty decent, but I admit I went there because it was a nice and quiet place to grab a bite in a nice environment. I was sad to see them go.

      Regarding their menu, they had a mix of typical dishes: salads, pasta, fish, meat, poultry and a large selection of appetizers. Not sure if they are keeping the same theme at their new place.