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Aug 16, 2014 02:17 PM

Anatolia gone, Zuma lives -

My love of Turkish food goes on - but not here. Zuma is all freshened up with woodsy counters, stainless surroundings but the food is mostly from the steam tables at the counter. Same staff as Anatolia including the grumpy Chef. Asked to have the table wiped and the waitperson said, why dont you eat over here and I replied, I would move but I dont want to eat looking at dirty dishes. All would be forgiven if the kofta roll up was out of this world, but no. It was good meat but dry - needed onions and some yoghurt sauce plus the lentil soup had no salt.
Enough bitching: looking for another Turkish haven - hope the Board finds one.
1942 Westwood Blvd south of SM Blvd

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  1. Soka. Not nearby but in Nirthridge.

    1. Just a bit north of Santa Monica Blvd. is Shamshiri Grill. I know it is Persian, not Turkish. But their lamb koobideh skewer, on the lunch special, is delicious and a huge combo for the price.