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Aug 16, 2014 01:42 PM

A Place to Watch a Game in The Quarter with Good Eats and Drinks

I'll be down in the Quarter the week of 8 25...on the 28th college football kicks off, and we'll want to hang at a sports bar/restaurant where we can focus on a game (South Carolina/Texas A&M on the new SEC Network), but also enjoy some good eats/beverages (although creative beverages are not a big deal to us). Can anybody throw some recs my way for a North Carolina Chowhound? We're staying at the JW Marriott (what great pricing August in the Quarter offers!!!), but will have access to a cab if necessary. Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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  1. Cooter Brown's is a great place to watch the game. You likely will have both SC and A&M fans. And they have an incredible beer selection. Downsides are that it's about as far from the Quarter as you can get (but still totally doable by cab), and the food -- oysters and an extensive menu of bar food -- is not particularly memorable.

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    1. re: Blumie

      ah yes over in the Jacques Imo's area...thanks, we'll certainly give it some consideration.

      1. re: picklelicious

        You can take the streetcar; it stops right by Cooter Browns. And although the food may not be memorable for NOLA, it's better than most of the bar food in my town ;-) It's a good place to watch a game and find some simpatico temporary new friends at the big family style long tables.

      2. re: Blumie

        Not memorable? Come now ... the 9th Ward sandwich (two hot sausage patties with American cheese on a hamburger bun) doesn't let you forget for a good twelve hours or so. I can think of no better way to consume 4,000 calories in one go.

        The Ugly Dog Saloon always has a bunch of games on and would no doubt tune in to a request. The food's better than the odds (try the mac and cheese) and it's non-smoking.

        1. re: montuori

          don't know that I've ever tried Q down they serve decent Q at The Ugly Dog Saloon?

          1. re: picklelicious

            Passable, sure. Not a destination place for the food (the Joint remains my go-to BBQ place, *especially* if they happen to have their pastrami on special) but they don't serve anything that's likely to kill you. My recommendation was really more for the atmosphere, which is lively without being bro-central.

      3. While I would never darken the door of this place, it offers just what you want. WalkOns, not far from the French Quarter, on Poydras Street. Three-hundred-and-four-thousand televisions, all turned up so that someone on the backside of Uranus can hear it, a modest amount of moronic whooping and hollering and bar food of fried junk.

        Perfect football fare. Don't blame me...these guys who own walkOns have made a fortune for a reason.

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        1. re: hazelhurst

          just because it's a sports bar does not "necessarily" mean that it can't also serve decent eats, but we both know as a generality, it does seem to be the case. I will look up WalkOns...

          funny response though...i could taste your disdain with each typed word.

          Hey, the night before the football game we are going to try Peche, and last visit i was fortunate enough to eat at August, Galatoire's and R'evolution...but occasionally we have to slum it down a bit and whoop it up with the other "morons" to catch a good game in the right environment. Thanks for rec

          1. re: picklelicious

            Your discernment in interpretation is appreciated for no insult was ever intended. I'm on my way out of life and hearken back to an era when football games on bar televisions were mere sidelights and not The Main Atrraction. I have no argument with being at the football game, in the stadium, nd screaming. I do contest the simian howling at a television when the players cannot hear..but I sure as can hear, and suffer therefrom.

            You'll do fine at Peche...go for the lighter stuff--sautéed--that lets their stuff shine.

            You are,of course, perfectly right that "just because it is a sports bar" it cannot serve good food...sure..but WHY? Why bother? Bread it, fry it..pour some will be fine. A friend of mine, who captains a mighty empire of restaurants in Louisiana, told me that when he tried to improve his cheese fries by adding (and I quote) "real cheese", his customers rioted. "They wanted oil barrel cheese" he said, "with coloring from a jar of 'Tang!'"

            1. re: hazelhurst

              i took no insult, it did not appear your intent...just giving a little back. Thanks again

              1. re: picklelicious

                You are kind to a broken-down man who tries to recall what youth was like. I appreciate youth reminding me of my early interests.
                I can only remark that I wish you'd had the life I led when there were no "Sports Bars" but only bars..with people who talked to each other, and sometimes a regular customer would bring some stuffed artichokes. We'd swap recipes. No one hollered.

                Please let us hear from you. Relax..enjoy yourself. New Orleans is the most accommodating, tolerant, enticing and seductive city on the globe. Listen! It will enchant.

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  been visiting for almost 25 years...oddly enough my first two visits were when i played football...hows that for irony, playing tournaments on the UNO campus. Now i visit for work a couple/few times a year and always enjoy seeing the familiar places, smelling the nice aromas, and listening to The City of New Orleans. We'll toast one to you my friend.

                  1. re: picklelicious

                    What a pleasant response. I'm so glad that you "see" The City and enjoy/revel in it. We are, I think, brothers-in-the-bond. So very many of my Tulane classmates (wherever they live) are still bone-marrow Yats. What's not to love?

                      1. re: kevin

                        A "yat" is a particular stripe of New Orleanian, so denominated from his habit of greeting people "Where 'yat?" The man who is Rex (or, to be annoyingly wrong, "King Rex") is not a Yat: the guy in the Touro Infirmary boiler room uniform at the bar in the Mayfair probably is.

              2. re: hazelhurst

                "Cheese pudding," as I dubbed the no.10 cans of "nacho cheese" in the early 1980s. I think I own the copyright of the phrase...

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  they want the fake cheese. i love it. :)

                  when he wanted to improve those aforementioned cheese fries, would it cost more to his bottom line to improve it ???????? just curious.

              1. re: Clarkafella

                Bobby Hebert-A blast from the past...we don't hear that name so much anymore being 700 miles away, i wish it was a little closer it would be the choice and still may be...we'll take under advisement. Thanks

                1. re: Clarkafella

                  I'll never go but I wish Bobby all the luck in the world. Never will I forget his dress-wearing in honor and love for the late Buddy D when Da Saints came straggling in. Great sense of humor. In typical New Orleans style,some reporter described Hebert in his dress as "draped in gold lame and sporting an fetching leg'...or something similar.

                2. How about the Beer Fest Bar on Bourbon, that's in the quarter, it ain't fancy of course.

                  There's nothing real fancy on that stretch except for Galatoire's to my knowledge.

                  Galatoire's 33 might be a good choice because i think there's TVs in the bar there.

                  1. While I usually catch my games at regular bars that happen to have a tv, chances of South Carolina-Texas A&M being the game of choice is slim. For what you're looking for I'd head down to Tracey's on Magazine. Great bar, plenty of tv's, good bartenders and pretty good food too.