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Aug 16, 2014 01:11 PM

Birthday party location needed - resto or other ideas welcome

I'm having a birthday party next summer in Toronto and am looking for location recommendations. There will be 75-100 people, all adults, and I'm planning on a Saturday evening in July. I'd like some place downtown, preferably with a patio, and good food and drinks. A restaurant that I could take over would be good but I'm open to all ideas. My budget is around $10k.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would look into Chase restaurant and see if they can accommodate that size. They have good food, a nice room and a beautiful patio.

      1. Do you have any cuisine preference or visions of how the party might serve the food? If you're looking for a sit down dinner... it's a bit more limiting as 100 people is a fairly large space. If you're looking more for a standing party with served hors d'oeuvres and drinks, it's much easier to find places.

        I would recommend looking at Cluny Bistro in the distillery district. They are planning a private room and a patio in the near future and their food is quite nice. I've only been there for a lunch but ear marked it again to return. It's a great space in a great area.

        Another great option would be Patria on their patio. I've been to an event there where they hosted a standing party for over 100 people. Great environment vibe, fantastic service, and solid good food and drinks. I'm not sure what is the price point but I would say that it does top the higher end. It was a great night.

        I think Volos and also BOSK does events as well... I've never dined there for an event but I've had colleagues who went there for seated dinner parties and liked it a lot. I don't think there is a patio available for Volos but BOSK has a patio area.

        1. Thanks guys, some good ideas here!